Our Adoptable Cats

  • HAZEL is a tortie, short hair female who is about four years old. Just love these artistic Torties with their ‘painted’ bodies.  Each one is uniquely designed.  No two alike!  She will add so much pizZZAZ  to your world!  Still a purrfect young age to build up a solid bond
    BETTY  is a female cat who is about four to five years old. “She’s got Betty Davis eyes!”  And lipstick!!  Sweet & pretty with lots more life left in her! While this beautiful lady awaits a home of her own, she shows us it doesn’t matter what age is written
    TINK is a tabby and tortie female who is about one to two years old. Elegance in feline form! Dainty, beautiful, sweet, all wrapped up in a lovely tabby/tortie coating! She will be such a wonderful addition to any home, and make your days and nights warm and special! Tink’s
    VENUS is a brown tabby and white female who is about two years old. LOOK at her heart-warming smile!! She is happy to chill and daydream about what wonderful new home she could become a part of. She imagines fun toys, chasing string, climbing in loving laps, enjoying soothing petting
    PENNY is a black female who is about eight to ten months old. Oh…So… Beautiful! Such a fabulous full tail! Such pretty bright eyes! Such darling black paw pads! Such a sweet loving purrsonality! She IS the total package! Penny’s ID# is 461594. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    BILLY is a gray male cat who is about two years old. Pewter colored cats, or Grays, are such beautiful felines. They have a regal appearance for sure! Billy’s ID# is 461375. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    MATTIE is a dilute tortie and brown tabby female cat who is about one year old. Oh my goodness, this darling is SO precious! Has a gentle purrsonality & melts into your petting. Loves to have her chin scratched! Her BIG bushy tail just adds to her beauty! Mattie’s ID#
    GINNY is a dilute tortie female cat who is about three years old. Could hardly get away from pretty girl! She wanted more & more petting… “don’t stop!” Has those beautiful diluted Tortie tones. The right home will gain a great gal ! Have a feeling she would do better
    ELLIE is a brown tabby and tortie female cat who is about one year old. Very pretty tabby & seems to have a little Tortie mixed in. She is definitely looking for a loving person, & ready to fill a home with JOY! Ellie’s ID# is 462031. For more information

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    Our Adopted Cats

    *ADOPTED* SARGEANT: As we move along in the ranks, Sargeant shows how he blends stealthiness with lovingness.  His well-defined head and long, strong build are purrfectly matched up with his large, warm heart!  His handsome, classic orange tabby coat is sturdy enough to handle countless days and nights of affectionate
    *ADOPTED* LADY is a dilute tortie/calico female who is about five months old. Purrfect name for this stunning young girl, who will no doubt be a true lady when she is fully mature.  Such a wonderful array of warm, soothing tones to her coat, & oh… so… soft! Torites and
    *ADOPTED* FRASIER is a orange tabby male who is about five months old. “Hello handsome!”  When you’re loved by an orange tabby, there is no question about it, you are loved!  Sensitive, comforting, loyal, sweet… all these traits wrapped up in warm, snugly, sunshine-colored fur! With brilliant gold eyes for
    *ADOPTED* VADA is a black, short hair female who is about seven months old. V is for vivacious!… A is for adorable!… D is for darling!… A is for absolutely wonderful !  Black cats are so precious.  Believe they know they have to have more shining purrsonalities to overrule their
    *ADOPTED* TIA is a eight to ten month old female kitten. Look at this beauty!  The way she holds her tail up fancy or down sultry.  Her sleek fur is soooo nice to run your fingers through!  Helps to take the edge off a tough day.  And she is just
    *ADOPTED* GINA is a eight to ten month old female kitten. Soft, sweet, though a bit shy right at this time, Gina surely is hoping for a purrson who will give her the time to warm up so she can show just how wonderful she truly is!  It won’t take
    *ADOPTED* LILLIE is a female cat who is about one to two years old. Ahh yes, the beauty of a diluted Tortie is unmatched!  So fun being a pretty lady!  Now she needs a warm, loving home to showcase in.  Looking for love in all the RIGHT places is what
    *ADOPTED* LAVON is a white and buff male who is about one year old. SO handsome with his buff and white coloring! Brilliant gold eyes peer out from his striking young face as well. Very soft, very sweet, very friendly, very loving, very EVERTHING! And that’s what he wants most
    *ADOPTED* JASPER is a black male who is about one year old. This sweet boy could hardly stand still for his picture to be taken! He was so eager to be petted and loved on. With that sweet purrsonality, he is sure to be a most wonderful family addition! And
    *ADOPTED* GLENDA is a black female who is about eight to ten months old. She is very energetic and loving! And so soft and sweet! Just wants to play and be bestest furriends! With some snugly lap time too!
    *ADOPTED* STORMY is a gray female who is about one year old. Smoooooth luxurious gray fur envelopes this beautiful feline! Bound to grow into a larger size and fill out to purrfection. Should love to have the beauty salon treatment with gentle combing, from the fluffy neck ruff to the
    BELLA is a white and orange tabby female who is about three to four months old. “Tough being a bit shy, tho surely with love & patience, I’ll learn to snuggle & be a terrific furriend” Going to have a such a pretty coat of medium length fur to go
    *ADOPTED* JUNO is a white and gray male who is about ten months old. Would you like the photographic meaning of “cute, “sweet”, “cuddly” ?  Well here it is!  JUNO is all of these & more!  Such a wonderful young boy.  Life will be absolutely purrfect with him sharing it