Our Adoptable Cats

  • LOUISE is a gorgeous tabby kitten girl with the sweetest little face you’ve ever seen. She’s a little cautious at first when you meet her but once she gets to know you she’ll let you give her full head and body rubs.Louise is generally a perky little gal who loves

    QUINCY, CYRIL & ASHTONsleep hard and play hard!  The two black kittens are very unique because on top of being all black, they have the most faint stripes and spots!
    The lovely spotted Ashton is just as lovable as her siblings and enjoy human contact.  Just holding her makes

    EVE is a striking brown tabby who is waiting to find a friend! Although she is a little cautious, she is still full of curiosity.
    She enjoys sniffing fingers and getting gentle head scratches. She also loves napping in funny positions! She would rather not be held by unfamiliar people,

    WILLOW is a cute little bugger! He loves to wrestle with the other kitties in his cage and will play endlessly with toys. He’s a
    beautiful orange and white cat, with medium-length fur that sticks out of his ears in the funniest direction! He’s not quite sure what to think

    DODGE & LOTUS are the funniest little triplets!  Each of these black cats has more luck than you can imagine!  They will also bring more joy and happiness as you watch them chase each others’ tails to snuggling up together.  They love to nuzzle you also!  They’ll put their noses

    FRANCINE is a 1 year old grey female with stunning green eyes.  This sweet dainty girl will capture your heart as soon as she looks
    at you.  She loves to snuggle in close and wriggle until she finds that perfect position on your lap allowing you to rub her tummy

    CHELSEA is a cute dark tabby kitten girl with soulful green eyes and the most adorable round little face!  She’s a bit shy when you
    meet her at first, but she wants you to know that she’s been working very hard on building her confidence and trust with the help

    These 7-week old kittens are fabulous!  With their beautiful medium-haired coats and expressive eyes, these babies are going to grow up to be beautiful house kitties.  When we first visited, it was naptime, so we got a pile of floppy, sleepy love, but one the

    PATTI is a 6-month old tortie with absolutely gorgeous eyes (they’re amber and green!) and such a winning personality that she’s clearly going to make some lucky adopter very, very happy.  When we first met, Patti jumped right into my arms, gave me a kiss on the nose, and rode

    GERONIMO is a frisky little tabby who loves to play and tumble about. He’s got pretty markings, and is a very curious little bugger! Geronimo loves to lounge about, and is happy to be held. He likes to climb about in your arms to make sure he’s got a good

    MELODY is a mostly white kitty with some crazy markings on her! She has patches of orange and patches of gray tabby scattered around her white fur, which makes her one unusual, beautiful kitty! She is very sweet and loves to be picked up and cuddled. She likes to bat

    HARMONY is a white kitty with some cute orange patches here and there. She likes to lounge around, but when a friend comes near, the fun starts! She likes play with toys, but she also likes to relax in your arms.  She’s got lots of personality and wants to find

    Spend just a minute, and you’ll fall in love with PEETA. He may be shy at first, but this loveable kitten will settle into your lap quickly. Give him a scratch on his chin or the top of his head and you’ll be his forever. Toys he can chase

    HAYMITCH is sweet gentle boy who takes in his surroundings. He watches his cage mates running around and when he see the ideal opportunity to play he will pounce.  A cautious boy but once he gets to know you he will snuggle up and let you tickle his chin whilst

    Good gracious, what a cute little orange-and-white buster-boy LUCAS is! Even at 4-months old Lucas has the personality of a frisky lion cub who likes to rough-house and tumble about with one of his cagemates – you would think he believes he’s in the Serengeti Desert sometimes! You’d also think

    CECE is a curious and sweet little kitten with big ears, big eyes and big personality to match; she is just as unique and adorable as her goofy littler sister LeeLee – yet her coloring is quite different: CeCe has a solid black coat with the most adorable cotton-ball white

    You’ve probably never seen anything as cute as little AIDENbefore -a kitten that looks like a little bear cub! That’s right – one of the shelter volunteers who recently spent some time snuggling little Aiden calls him “The Teddy Bear Kitten” and said, “Once you see and hold him, it’s

    Mysterious, yet charming, AIMEE is the shy one of her crew in C20. At first this little girl can be timid, but with a bit of coaxing she’ll come out and snuggle in your lap. Once she’s comfortable, she’s ready to move. She’s a player at heart and will love

    What a flirt! You can tell from looking at this photo…TANNER knows he wants to be loved on but is a tad shy, so when he looks directly into your eyes in that certain over-the-shoulder way, you just want to hug him. Talk gently to Tanner to relax him when

    Now, it’s very possible NATE may not just be a cat, but part bunny too…check out those ears! Nate is a sweet, gentle, long-limbed tuxedo boy with gold eyes and a striking face, complete with a dot, dead center in his pink nose. He loves to be held, handled, have

    SIRABI is beautiful Grey Tabby.  This confident lady likes to curl up in a favourite position and watch the world around her.
    She loves to play with her toys whilst rolling around and trying to catch them with her paws.  She loves a chin rub and will stretch out and

    PIERRE is a long-haired beauty! When you have a mane as beautiful as Pierre’s, it’s important to keep it combed, and Pierre loves to let his human groom him.  He’s a peaceful boy who enjoys nothing more than love and affection (and a good warm lap to snuggle in!)

    While at first she may be a little shy, VIOLA is indeed an adventurous lady with a heart of gold. Curious about the world around her, this girl loves to explore! After playtime she’s ready for some snuggle time and a nap :)
    Viola’s ID# is 439570.
    For more information

    Beautiful little FERGIE wears her gorgeous black and white “beauty mask” as if she’s ready for a royal ball (or a trip to the Spa). Fergie has a charming and curious personality with lots of smarts; she will study you to see if you’re someone she can trust and have

    LILLIE is a sweetheart who would like nothing more than to snuggle up in your lap and purr. Her beautiful blue eyes will woo you and her laid back personality will seal the deal! All you need is one look to fall in love with this lovely lady.
    Lillie’s ID#

    Adorable little FREIDA is not only a beauty of a grey tabby kitten girl that will melt your heart with her special “snuggle-look” but she has a cute little wiggly-ness with her active playful side to her as well that will make you smile! Her charming looks will draw you

    JULIAN is a beautiful 1-year old male with soulful Amber Eyes. Though young he has a mature and relaxed outlook on life. He is  very observant, taking in his surroundings with a quiet intelligence and an unassuming style. He loves to curl up on your lap letting you rub his

    Sweet, shy BELLA lives up to her name, with gorgeous golden eyes peering out from a regal mask. A petite sweetheart, BELLA would love to curl up with you and watch the world go by.
    Bella’s ID# is 437606.
    For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.

    CHERRIE is a real sweet heart! If her beautiful green eyes and gray fur don’t get your attention, her gentle head nudges will! This
    affectionate lady is a little shy, but once you earn her trust with some chin rubs, she loves the attention you give her. Cherrie is waiting

    GIZMO is one awesome cat! This little guy is always eager for some attention, and even though he’s active and playful, he can’t resist resting on a good lap! He’ll walk all over your lap, then sit, then keep getting up to adjust himself until he’s in the perfect snoozing

    Despite her name, PANTHER is a delicate, gentle little girl. As soon as you approach her, she starts purring so much that her whole body vibrates and you can hear her across the room! Panther is just a kitten, so of course she’s as playful as ever, but she’s happy

    CUPCAKE has the most gorgeous orange eyes and if that’s not enough to melt your heart, her sweet personality will!  Her markings and colors are the most unique.  Cupcake would love to snuggle up with you and be the newest addition to your family!
    Cupcake’s ID# is 439499.
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    JACLYN is a young and adorable tabby who loves to cuddle, play, and look cute!  She is very relaxed and would enjoy a good scratch under the chin and some extra treats (because how could you resist!?)  She also loves to play and chase anything that’s easy to bat around! 

    Our Foster Cats

    Adoptions Pending

    is a sweet and lanky tabby girl with beautiful eyes; her pictures just don’t do this loving beauty justice. She’s one you really have to meet in person to appreciate all that’s wonderful about her.  Jenny loves to be given a break from her cage, just to

    CASH is a young and sweet little lover-boy with short, silky-soft fur and gorgeous green and amber kaleidoscope-colored eyes!   He has no problems showing full appreciation of anyone stopping by to visit him. Cash does this adorable little “body-press” against you while looking at you adoringly with those

    BRETT: This cute little boy has a beautiful coat of sandy-colored fur that is soft and cuddly. When you approach his cage, he gets
    excited and climbs eagerly into your arms. He’s antsy and loves to crawl all over you, including up onto your shoulders! He’s such a

    BEAKER is a super-sweet energetic kitty! He loves to roll around on his back and sleeps in the funniest positions. When you pick him up, he gets excited and will climb up your arms and perch on your shoulder. He’s a very gentle, affectionate kitty and has the

    LEELEE is a ridiculously adorable and unique looking 4-month old little girl, with gigantic goofy ears and huge button eyes on a sweet little worried-looking face – folks can’t help but say “Awwwww!” and grin when they meet her! And what a big curiosity this little girl has

    DIPPER is a playful, frisky and super sweet little boy – he loves to be held but also wants lots of play time (and a few naps in between).  It’s absolutely adorable to watch lil’ Dipper tumbling about when you throw his play-mouse or glittery-ball for him, or

    Looking for a charmer with a dapper mustache?  TINKERBELL is a confident, curious cat who would love to get to know you! Comfortable with other cats and easily amused, she would love to join you for a party (and she provides her own tux).
    Tinkerbell’s ID# is 436784.

    Our Adopted Cats

    Click here to read Rosalie’s blog!
    is a playful kitten! She and her roommates, Babs and Eddie, have so much fun together. She loves attention and a person to play kitty games with. She will give her new guardian so much affection and happiness. Rosalie will wait

    *ADOPTED 08/23/14*
    Click here to read Eddie’s blog!
    EDDIE is a sweet boy who loves to take in his surroundings.  He is a quiet and enjoys chasing his mouse toy and quietly curling up and purring.  He is incredibly intuitive as he watches his roommates, Babs and Rosalie, run and

    DONATELLO is a brown and white tabby girl with a dainty little mane that frames her beautiful green eyes.  She is calm and gentle even during play time. She’s a bit shy when approached by humans but is slowly building confidence with help from the nice shelter volunteers (they

    *ADOPTED 8/23/14*
    One look at ALLI and you’ll be in love – she has an endearing little face and perfect orange markings! This tiny girl has not quite learned to trust humans and is a little shy about being held, but she certainly loves treats! A little patience and a

    TRENT is quite the opposite of his busy kitten brother Lucas, but he’s just as sweet and accepting of head and body rubs from anyone who offers it. He’s a gentle and calm little guy who will just melt your heart when he looks up at you with his

    *ADOPTED 08/23/14*
    It’s peach season, and that’s just what this little guy is, with his soft orange tabby coat and his sweet, outgoing temperament. MILES will greet you with a little chirp and his front legs outstretched to you (hint, hint, pick him up: he loves to he held and

    *ADOPTED 08/23/14*
    WIDGET is an orange and white beautiful gal with one of the most wonderful personalities of any kitty you’ll ever meet! She’s sweet, loving and very smart – she will stare at you for a bit with this look that says, “Well, are you just going to stand

    SHERLOCK & SHELBY are brother and sister and incredibly lovable!  Sherlock will love on you or curl up in your lap.  Shelby is an energetic girl who will play with her purr box roaring.  At the end of play time, both of these sweeties will curl up for a

    is an adorable cat with the most beautiful markings.  He has such a loud and captivating purr that will make you want to stay home and snuggle with him.  His green eyes gorgeous and will melt your heart.  Whether you’re playing or cuddling, he will show you his

    JEAN will capture your heart with her stunning orange eyes!  She is a calico kitty that enjoys snuggle time in your lap.  Her personality is so calm that she wants to be everywhere you are as long as you offer a chin scratch or a warm lap to cuddle

    is a lovable kitten looking for someone who wants snuggle and play with her!  Her favorite thing to do is cuddling and she enjoys all the attention she can get.  She has a very laid-back personality and would enjoy snuggling and cuddles.  Her markings and stripes are so