Our Adoptable Cats


    The adoption package at APS is all-Inclusive. Your adopted cat(s) or kitten(s) will come home with a medical exam, spay/neuter, vaccines, a microchip and lots of love.
  • JANELLE is a lovely black and white Tuxedo style lady with a soft, glossy coat and a winning personality. This gal has a white blaze on her face and a tiny black spot on her nose, framed by white whiskers. Janelle is a bit shy at first, but soon warms
    Click here to read Norman’s blog! NORMAN is a sweet inky black cat with a long soft coat and green eyes. He is a calm and friendly kitty who gets along well with other cats and enjoys lounging from the highest perch around. This mellow guy would love to keep
    MAPLE is a confident young gray tabby with a fluffy coat and an adventurous spirit. This kitten is eager to play and explore and her cute tufted ears twitch out fun and excitement. Maple would be an excellent family pet who would entertain and delight with her adorable antics! Maple’s
    TITAN is a slinky all black kitten with glowing green eyes and a sweet disposition.  Though he may be a bit shy, this little guy loves to play with jingle toys, and will soon be your best buddy if you will spend some time playing with him. Titan could be
    Click here to read Pablo’s blog! PABLO is an inky black cat with amber eyes and a lively personality. He is young and sweet and responds appreciatively to any affection. Pablo really enjoys pouncing on mouse toys and carrying them around in his mouth! This warm, and energetic fellow
    SPRINKLES is a pretty tortoiseshell young adult kitty with an orange tipped tail and warm buff and deep brown markings. She has white whiskers on one side of her cute face and black whiskers on the other side. This gal is quiet and calm, and can seem shy when you
    LACEY is a teeny tuxedo kitten with a white blaze down her face and a black chin framed by white whiskers. She is a bold adventuress and loves to play and explore. Lacey has a super soft coat that she would love for you to stroke, but only after she’s
    MOLLY is a personable brown tabby kitten about six months old, who is quick to get your attention with a meow. She is curious and confident and quite people oriented. Molly has silvery accents in her tabby coat and a cute white chin. This little charmer would make a wonderful
    JESSIE is a lovely tabby adult girl with black tipped fur and big green eyes. She is affectionate and mellow and curled right up in my lap as soon as I opened her door. Jessie purred in appreciation for each stroke of her silky soft coat while gazing at me
    MASON is a cute brown tabby boy with warm buff undertones and a white chin and brown nose. He has a black striped tail he carries aloft as he romps around his crate. Mason enjoys pouncing on mouse toys and enjoys having visitors – meowing for attention if you dare
    SNAP is a buff tabby boy who is about six weeks old. Snap’s ID# is 452688. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    Click here to read Saki’s blog! SAKI is a dilute tortie girl who is about eight weeks old. She has a gray stripe down her back and buff and orange undertones through her fluffy coat. Saki is quite alert and playful, and she enjoys pouncing on string toys. She is
    Click here to read Monroe’s blog! MONROE is a delightful coal black kitten with blue-green eyes and a lively personality. This little boy loves to romp around his crate after anything that moves and might be a toy! Monroe has a snuggly side too, and enjoys being carried around and
    Click here to read Abby’s blog! ABBY is a sweet tortoiseshell kitten with a freckled face and cute oversized ears! Her sparkling green eyes invite you to stroke her fluffy coat and nuzzle her soft neck…until she has to dash off and roll around with her kitten pals making mayhem!
    JULIA is a striking white kitten with buff accents and big blue eyes. This little lady looks like she is part Siamese! Julia is playful and energetic and spends most of her day leaping, pouncing and wrestling with her kitten buddies. Julia would make an entertaining addition to the right
    RUGER is a sharp looking gray and white kitten with adorable green eyes that seem to ask “are you the one I’m looking for?” You know, the one who will cuddle me at night and play with me in the day, and who will always take care of me? The
    JANICE is a petite white and gray tabby kitten with a brown nose and tiny white paws. She is small but plucky and unafraid. This fluffy mite is curious and alertly watches the goings on, waiting for the perfect moment to leap into the kitten pile and snatch the prized
    JACKIE is a bold white and gray tabby kitten who loves to explore. This young man has the courage to go where no kitten has gone before – your heart! Jackie will charm you with his energy and curiosity as he pokes that cute pink nose into everything that’s going
    JEROME is a precious deep orange tabby kitten who lives to play. This curious fellow enjoys racing after jingle toys and tussling with his kitten crate mates. Of course, once the evil mouse has been conquered, Jerome collapses in a heap of sleepy kittens and snores away the afternoon! Come
    JAKE is rakish orange and white tabby boy who sports a striped tail and green eyes that are full of mischief. This kitten is all about leaping and pouncing and wrestling with dangers both imagined and real, and he is the superhero of his own story. This adorable kitten would
    MAUI is a lovely calico with striking black and orange patches on her soft white coat. She greeted me with a soft meow and began purring and rubbing her cheek on her door, licking my hand with her sandpaper tongue. This friendly, active girl is people oriented and expects you
    CHIPOTLE is an attractive white and gray tabby cat with a gray triangle on his face, and big green eyes that seem to be emphasized by “eyeliner”. He has a striped gray tail and a warm hearted curiosity that seems to focus on you! Chipotle is calm, and thoroughly enjoys
    CLAUDIA is a stately tortoiseshell lady with orange sprinkles throughout her dark brown coat. She is warm hearted and relaxed, and loves to curl up in you lap for a stress relieving  session of stroking her soft coat. Claudia is the perfect cat for someone looking to avoid middle of
    LUZ is an exotic looking lynx point Siamese lady with blue eyes and smoky accents in her silky coat. She is a playful young adult who enjoys attention and affection from people, her subjects, as rightful Queen. Luz is beautiful and she knows it, but she is still willing to
    SHIRLEY is a lively inky black kitten with amber eyes and a cute white spot on her chest. She is petite and perky and enjoys showing off her athletic moves. Shirley likes being around other kittens, but she would love to have a special human to call her own. This
    JEWEL is truly a sparkly diamond! This coal black kitten is bold and sassy as well as sweet. Jewel likes to run after a mouse toy, and having successfully caught it, she will proudly carry it around in her mouth. Little Jewel would make a spirited and adorable addition to
    MELANIE is a petite tortoiseshell kitten with warm orange and buff accents in her fluffy brown coat. She is a confident little lady who enjoys meeting new people, and will greet you with a lick and a purr. Melanie may be small but she has a big heart and loves
    LILAC is a tortie girl who is around eight weeks old. She has a splash of orange on her sturdy chest, and green eyes that twinkle with mischief. This bold young lady came barreling over to see me when I opened the door. Lilac is clearly the confident leader of
    DARCY is a tortie girl who is around 12 weeks old. She has cute orange accents in her silky soft coat and a lively personality to boot! Darcy is adventurous and loves to explore the nooks and crannies of the cat cottage. She enjoys active pursuits, such as climbing and
    APPLE is a tortie girl who is around six to seven weeks old.This adorable kitten has an orange stripe down her face and splashes of orange throughout her warm brown coat. Apple has green eyes and white whiskers that frame her pretty face. She may look like the perfect little
    NUTMEG is  a sleek black cat with a bright white star on her chest. This sweet gal has deep green eyes and an affectionate nature. Nutmeg is lively and curious and her youthful spark means she’s always up for a fun chase or pounce at a toy. Don’t pass this
    PEACH is a mostly white kitten with bright calico markings of orange and black framing her sweet face and along her soft back. This gal has green eyes and a tiny pink nose that sniffs out fun and hijinks. Peach loves to scamper about, alertly looking for adventure and tiny
    GABBY is an adorable fluff ball of a tortoiseshell kitten, and her rich dark coat is sprinkled with glints of orange and warm toffee. This tiny girl will look at you with her curious green eyes and confidently purr as you stroke her. Gabby is a sweet gal who would
    SALLY is a young adult tortoiseshell with a gentle nature and a super soft coat that just begs to be stroked. She has knowing green eyes and a warm splash of orange on her chest. This calm lady adores human contact and wants nothing more than to snuggle in your
    ROO is a lovely buff and white adult cat with an orange striped tail and a cute pink nose. She demands to be noticed, and will meow sweetly until she has your attention. Then she will rub her pretty head on the bars of her crate and arch her back
    HARLEY is a settled, warm hearted lady who has handsome calico markings. A bright orange blaze runs down her pretty gray face and her white whiskers twitch with playful anticipation when you stop to see her. Harley has amber eyes and a gentle meow. She looks like a harlequin –
    GIZMO is a black and white gentleman who is about four to five years old. He is a handsome tuxedo style cat with big green eyes and a deep rumbling purr. Gizmo is thrilled to have visitors, and he will butt his head and lean against you as you pet
    SEBASTIAN is a brown tabby and white boy who is about ten weeks old. He has warm buff undertones throughout his striped coat and intense green eyes that latch onto your gaze. Sebastian is curious and alert and enjoys playing at kitten games with his little buddies. He is most
    SOPHIE is a brown tabby and calico lady who is about one to two years old. She has light green eyes and orange undertones throughout her soft coat. Sophie is quite affectionate and thoroughly enjoys human attention. This sweet gal licked my hand with her sandpaper tongue as I stroked
    MILO is a gray tabby boy who is nine to ten months old. He has a soft striped coat and snazzy white paws. Milo is lively and playful, chasing after toys and pouncing. Milo is a bit shy when meeting new folks, but soon relaxes with some chin scratches and
    ZIGGY is a brown tabby girl who is about eight weeks old. She has a white chest and chin and cute white paws. Her tiny brown nose and white whiskers are alert for fun and adventure. Ziggy is an active and energetic kitten, and loves to swipe at a toy
    TAYLOR is a brown tabby girl who is about three months old. Taylor’s ID# is 452733. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    WILSON is a gray tabby and white boy who is about three to four months old. He has cute white paws and a tiny white triangle on his nose. Wilson has a striped tail with a black tip that twitches in anticipation of the hunt! This young fellow alertly pursues
    KIMCHI is a brown tabby boy who is about eight to ten weeks old. Kimchi’s ID# is 454025. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    SKYLAR is a brown tabby girl who is about eight to ten weeks old. Skylar’s ID# is 454026. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.
    LINDY is a white and black girl who is about nine to ten weeks old. She is a friendly and confident tuxedo style gal who has a white blaze down her pretty face and a cute black chin. She came right over to me when I opened her door, purring
    CHOWDER is a black and white girl who is about nine to ten weeks old. She has a fluffy coat and amber green eyes that light up when she spies a visitor. This people oriented kitty has striking black markings over her soft white coat, and an adorable pink nose.
    SPENCER is a gray tabby and white boy who is about three to four months old. He has a super soft gray coat and white whiskers that frame his white face. Spencer has twinkling green eyes and an air of mischief about him. His mellow temperament might fool some, but
    GAZPACHO is a brown tabby guy who is about ten to eleven weeks old. This tiny boy has stunning black stripes on his warm brown coat. Gazpacho is playful and sweet, and not at all cold like the soup! He is a bit spicy, though like his namesake – and
    CHANCE is a gray and white boy who is about nine to ten weeks old.  He is super adorable!  Just look at that WAY cute black spot on his nose!  Could mean he has something unique about him and he’s just waiting to share it with YOU! Do not miss
    YORK is a gray and white girl who is about eight to ten weeks old. She is a tiny duchess who expects adoration and appreciation. It’s not hard to fall under the spell of this cute kitten who enjoys leaping, running and pouncing on jingle toys. She likes to relax
    ADRIAN is a gray and white girl who is about eight to ten weeks old. She is a cuddly and petite young lady with soulful green eyes and a winning personality. Adrian gets along well with her kitten buddies, but she’s really looking for the perfect family to adopt her.
    ASHTON is a silver tabby girl who is about eight to ten weeks old. She has black markings on her silver coat and bright green eyes. This little gal loves to romp and play and she is full of curiosity and spark. Lovely little Ashton has a regal air about
    SUNNY is a brown tabby and calico girl who is about three to four months old.  As cat faces go, this one  is SO cute!  Sunny has a purrfectly symmetrical design showing her stunning looks.  As she grows, she will only become more and more beautiful!  No matter what the
    MADELINE is a calico and brown tabby girl who is about four to five months old.  She shows the distinct intelligence of cats with her captivating, comforting eyes.  Her facial artwork is beyond compare, and her beautiful large ears will be there to listen all about your day, every day!  

    Our Foster Cats

    Adoptions Pending

      *ADOPTION PENDING* Click here to read Cadence’s blog!! CADENCE is a tuxedo medium hair kitty with white whiskers and paws and a white chest. She looks at you with her yellow green eyes and meows softly in greeting. Cadence enjoys batting mouse toys around her crate, but she truly
    *ADOPTION PENDING* CLOVER is a deep brown tortoiseshell lady with an orange stripe down her nose and green eyes. She has white whiskers on one side of her sweet face, and black whiskers on the other side. This calm kitty has a super soft coat that you just can’t stop
    *ADOPTION PENDING* SAGE is a gray tabby and white kitten with cute white paws and a stripe down her nose.  She is just a baby who likes to cuddle up with her kitten partners in crime, after racing around the crate and wrestling each other. Sage would make a wonderful
    *ADOPTION PENDING* BAILLIE is a soft orange colored tabby boy with some light orange stripes on a lean body. He has the sweetest golden eyes and the most sophisticated face – what a handsome boy he is! Baillie is not shy at all but very respectful; he comes right to
    *ADOPTION PENDING* WESLEY is a handsome little man in a black and white tuxedo. He has a cute black triangle on his white face and white paws. Wesley loves to roll around his crate with his kitten buddy wrestling and chasing toys. Wesley is friendly and has lots of energy!
    *ADOPTION PENDING* WOMPERS is an adult long haired orange tabby who is declawed front and back, and would need to be an indoor only kitty. He is a mellow cat who loves attention, and enjoys having his luxurious orange coat brushed. Wompers gets along with other cats and his even
    *ADOPTION PENDING* TATUM is a white kitten with Siamese accents and startling blue eyes. This charmer is full of spark and loves to show off for an audience! Tatum launched himself at my shoulder when I opened his door, looking for excitement and adventure. Tatum’s tail is like a periscope
    *ADOPTION PENDING* WARREN Warren’s ID# is 452895. For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.[Gallery not found]
    *ADOPTION PENDING* AUSTEN is an amazing big tabby gentleman who stepped right into my lap, purring when I opened his door. He is a mellow loverboy who likes nothing better than to curl up and cuddle. Austen has a soft tabby coat with black paws and wise green eyes. Just
    *ADOPTION PENDING* TULIP is a cali-tabby girl who is about eight weeks old. She has stylish markings with her colorful patches of orange and gray. Tulip is full of energy and curiosity. She doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in your lap – she knows you want to
    *ADOPTION PENDING* ROSALEE Rosalee’s ID# is 452883.[Gallery not found]

    Our Adopted Cats

    *ADOPTED* MUNCHKIN is a gray tabby kitten with blue green eyes and a white chin. He is very much a tiny member of the Lollipop Guild or perhaps the Lullaby League. This adorable charmer could show you the way to the yellow brick road, and maybe get you in to
    *ADOPTED* SIMON is a curious little ball of gray and white fluff with green eyes! He is a playful kitten who loves to romp around after a jingle toy or pounce on a mouse toy. Simon has lots of energy and loves to show off his kitten skills! This adorable
    *ADOPTED* DIANA is a cute little sparkplug with a coal black coat that shows undertones of gray tabby. She is friendly and fearless, and knows exactly what she wants – you petting her and adoring her! This lively little girl is bright and engaging and would make any home a
    *ADOPTED* SWEET PEA is a super-friendly calico gal with creamy orange tabby patches and white paws. This lady has green eyes and a personality to match her name. She loves people, and is calm and confident, she will lean against your hand purring deeply as you pet her. Sweet Pea
    *ADOPTED* PAUL is a handsome gray tabby boy with tigerish stripes and bright green eyes. He is alert and curious and loves to explore his little world. Paul may be small, but his personality roars like a tiger! Paul even slows down occasionally to enjoy a well placed chin scratch,