Our Adoptable Cats

  • JANELLE is a lovely black and white Tuxedo style lady with a soft, glossy coat and a winning personality. This gal has a white blaze on her face and a tiny black spot on her nose, framed by white whiskers. Janelle is a bit shy at first, but soon warms

    PRALINE is an absolutely adorable gray little Torbie (tabby and tortie mix!) with the most beautiful coat and the cutest pouty looking “baby-face” with giant sweet golden eyes. Praline is a little shy at first but soon warms up with a well placed chin scratch and stroke of her soft

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    is a tuxedo medium hair kitty with white whiskers and paws and a white chest. She looks at you with her yellow green eyes and meows softly in greeting. Cadence enjoys batting mouse toys around her crate, but she truly enjoys human

    CLOVER is a deep brown tortoiseshell lady with an orange stripe down her nose and green eyes. She has white whiskers on one side of her sweet face, and black whiskers on the other side. This calm kitty has a super soft coat that you just can’t stop stroking, and

    MAPLE is
    a confident young gray tabby with a fluffy coat and an adventurous spirit. This
    kitten is eager to play and explore and her cute tufted ears twitch out fun and
    excitement. Maple would be an excellent family pet who would entertain and
    delight with her adorable antics!

    TITAN is
    a slinky all black kitten with glowing green eyes and a sweet disposition.
    Though he may be a bit shy, this little guy loves to play with jingle toys, and
    will soon be your best buddy if you will spend some time playing with him.
    Titan could be

    MUNCHKIN is a gray tabby kitten with blue green eyes and a white chin. He is very much a tiny member of the Lollipop Guild or perhaps the Lullaby League. This adorable charmer could show you the way to the yellow brick road, and maybe get you in to see

    ALICE is a tortoiseshell lady who has some white on her coat and some gray tabby stripes. She is a calm adult cat who is quite friendly and affectionate. Alice would be a great lap cat and her easy going temperament would be perfect to warm up any home lucky

    PABLO is
    an inky black cat with amber eyes and a lively personality. He is young and
    sweet and responds appreciatively to any affection. Pablo really enjoys
    pouncing on mouse toys and carrying them around in his mouth! This warm, and
    energetic fellow would make an entertaining companion – he

    SAGE is
    a gray tabby and white kitten with cute white paws and a stripe down her nose.
    She is just a baby who likes to cuddle up with her kitten partners in crime,
    after racing around the crate and wrestling each other. Sage would make a
    wonderful family pet

    Sweet Pea’s ID# is 452503.
    For more information email catinfo@apsofdurham.org

    Osiris’ ID# is 452490.
    For more information email catinfo@apsofdurham.org.

    Our Foster Cats

    Adoptions Pending

    is a sweet inky black cat with a long soft coat and green eyes. He is a calm and friendly kitty who gets along well with other cats and enjoys lounging from the highest perch around. This mellow guy would love to keep you entertained with a

    is a tiny orange tabby kitten with white whiskers and blue green eyes. This little guy has a ton of charm, and loves to play with string toys. His keen attention to a moving target and his ready pounce are all the entertainment you need for a

    is a mostly white kitten with an overlay of gray tabby patches. He is small but dynamic, and he loves to race around his crate after mouse toys. Pancho has a busy schedule of pouncing and wrestling, followed by napping, but he’s willing to pencil you in

    is an all over light orange tabby girl who daintily washed her face as I took these notes. Her petite highness has a soft fluffy coat and cute little whiskers framing her face. Eleanor sounds like a big name for such a tiny kitten, but she has

    a lovely deep gray kitten with darker stripes barely visible in her soft coat.
    She has green eyes and an alert expression. Dash would love for you to come
    visit her and watch her chase after a jingle toy with her fierce concentration.
    Maybe after, she

    just what his name says – a big, affable gentleman who is mellow and warm. He
    is a brown tabby Maine Coon Cat with a long soft coat, fluffy ears and green
    eyes. His coat is a smoky brown with black stripes and he loves

    Our Adopted Cats

    is a lovely gray lady with white paws and a white star on her chest. She has white whiskers and yellow-green eyes, and is friendly and affectionate. Louise is used to taking charge with Thelma, and would love to be adopted as a pair with her pal. These

    is a striking calico lady with chunks of gray tabby and orange tiger stripes splashed on her soft white coat. This affectionate young gal rolls over and loves to have her belly rubbed. She is a bit calmer than a younger kitten, with a sweet temperament and plenty

    is a gorgeous coal black kitty with amber eyes and a relaxed and friendly temperament. She loves chin scratches and will butt her head against you as you stroke her soft coat. Lexus gets along well with her crate mate and is a young, but settled cat with