Our Adoptable Cats

  • CUSTARD is a 3-year old orange tabby male with unique topaz eyes and a cute pink nose.  This big boy is happy to make new friends and loves to stretch his legs, but given a chance, he will get comfy in your lap and start up his purr-motor.  Adult cats

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    DEMI is a 5-year old black-and-white female with gorgeous green eyes and the cutest black smudged nose. This big girl is super-affectionate and will climb eagerly out of her cage and into your lap where she cuddles and purrs, cuddles and purrs. 

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    is a handsome black-and-white 1-year male with medium-hair, two-tone eyes, and a fluffy, fluffy tail.  This sweet boy is definitely a charmer and eagerly comes to the front of his cage to greet visitors, waiting patiently to be noticed. With

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    is a handsome adult black cat with yellow-green eyes and long, curled white whiskers.  Black cats have some of the best personalities, and Maverick is no exception:  He is curious, but regal; affectionate, but reserved.  He’s a big boy, but that just

    RUBY is a black-and-white adult male with a silky coat and big, welcoming eyes.  This handsome fellow is friendly and affectionate, and he comes out his cage into your arms immediately. Definitely a snuggler, Rudy wants to find a lap to call his own.  Might it be yours?!?
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    CARSON is a gray-and-white 7-months old male with an adorably smudged nose.  Right now, this sweetie is a little hesitant about coming out of his cage, but he’s easily coaxed with a few gentle words and a chin scratch.  With his big purr and his funny little “meow,”Carson is quite

    ANGELO is one adorable kitty!  At 7 months old, he’s still practically a kitten, but he’s old enough to have discovered the joys of lap cuddles.  If you are looking for an entertaining, playful, affectionate kitty who’s sure to grow into an absolutely gorgeous lap cat, look no further than

    TINA is a precious 3-year old calico female with lovely markings and fantastic kohl-lined green eyes.  This petite girl immediately come to the front of her cage when I stopped for a “hello” and she eagerly put her paws on my shoulder and climbed into my arms when the door

    Our Foster Cats

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    is a 5-year old male white & gray tabby with yellow-green eyes who likes to be courted a bit before he comes out to visit with new people.  He may be shy, but as he rolls around on his bedding, inching closer

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    is an adult male brown tabby with deep, soulful eyes and the perfect housecat temperament.  This big guy is an easy kitty to love because he is so friendly, affectionate, and well-mannered.  He waits patiently for visitors without making a fuss, but

    Adoptions Pending

    UPDATED 01/21/2014!!

    MR. MIYAGI is an inquisitive, bright, and imaginative cat.  When you get home from work, he’ll meet you at the door with his cute little chirping meow and twine between your feet to make sure you know that he missed you.
    As a big, fun-loving, agile

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    is an 8-month old brown tabby male with black-bottomed paws who likes to play, play, play.  Still very much a kitten, Popcorn is riot with his toys (or anyone’s toys, really), chasing, pouncing, and rolling with such a zest for life!

    is a shy 6-year old tabby-and-white male with gorgeous green eyes and a cute crinkled ear. This sweet boy is a little nervous still, but he loves being petted under his chin, purring contently the whole time.  Adult kitties are so sweet and deserving of a forever

    is an adult female with kohl-lined eyes and a cute pink nose.  This big girl is super-friendly and wants nothing more than to be close to her person: We’d just met, but she came right up to the front of her cage and climbed into my arms

    is a 7-month old black-and-white female with unusual (and adorable) facial markings and a great big personality!  A fun little girl, Louise enjoys pouncing on unsuspecting toys, putting her tummy in the air for rubs, and purring with infectious enthusiasm.  If playful antics and sweet affection are

    Our Adopted Cats

    : These cute and cuddly kittens are ready for their forever homes! They came to APS as tiny babies who needed to be bottle fed in foster care. They are now big enough to adopt and will make a sweet and exiting addition to

    is a 1-year/9-month old male with a plush white-and-gray coat and light green eyes that reminded me of spring.  Frank was happy to come out of his cage for cuddles and sat in my lap nicely while purring quietly.  This low-key unassuming fellow is a gentle charmer and