Our Adoptable Cats

  • BROOKE is a striking tuxedo kitten with a white blaze and glowing green eyes. She is an adventure seeker and is quite curious about the world around her. Brooke confidently stepped up from her pack to greet me,
    rubbing her chin against my hand and purring with pleasure. This outgoing

    LORELEI is a sassy coal black kitty with bright green eyes and a fluffy coat. She has a few white flecks in her otherwise inky coat and an affectionate personality. Lorelai is a real sweetheart who loves to strut up to
    you and rub her cheek on you and purr.

    ELEANOR is a striking tortoiseshell lady with white paws and a white chin & whiskers. She will fix her amber eyes on you and demand your attention by meowing at her door until you open it and stroke her lovely coat.  Eleanor is curious and friendly and would make a

    LANDIS is a mostly white boy with a patch or two of gray tabby. He has amber eyes and an orange striped tail. Landis is curious about the humans who come to see him, and will playfully show off his athletic skills
    with a toy mouse for any audience. This

    BABS is a gorgeous black and white lady with hints of gray tabby in her striped tail. She has a soft meow and will crawl into your lap at the slightest invitation. Babs is a sweet adult cat who is drama free and relaxed. She could be the lap cat

    DERBY is a calm adult calico and gray tabby cat with green eyes and a cute brown nose. Derby is quiet and a bit reserved around humans at first, but gets along well with other cats. Derby would be an excellent addition to home that has other cats, and is

    MADISON is a gorgeous tortoiseshell cat with an orange blaze down her dark brown face. She has white whiskers and a confident, curious personality. Madison loves to explore new places and especially likes to play with dangling toys. This wonderful kitty gets along with other cats and would love to

    EMILY is a lovely petite tortoiseshell kitten who is a bit shy. She likes to hang back and see what happens as opposed to making things happen. To be fair, her crate mate Franklin is a spotlight stealer who rushes over when the door is opened demanding attention, so sweet

    ORCHID is an outgoing calico lady who is friendly and curious. She has calico and gray markings on a silky white coat, and she sports a gray striped tail. Orchid will climb right into your lap and your heart if you come visit her. Won’t you give her the chance

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    is an inky black cat with a white spot on his chest and amber eyes. He gets along well with other cats and enjoys watching the world go by from a comfortable perch. This quiet fellow likes to curl up in a

    MISHA is an adorable tortoiseshell kitten with a dark face and a slim orange stripe on her head. She has an orange tip on her tail and a sweet cross-eyed look on her tiny face. Misha begins to purr as soon as you stroke her and snuggles into your arms.

    BRYCE is a delightful young cat who has amber eyes and an all white coat. Bryce loves to romp around the cat cottage with the other kittens chasing after balls and pouncing on toy mice. This kitty has a sweet
    affectionate nature and can be heard purring loudly when cuddled

    RUBY is a adorable tortoiseshell gal with glowing green eyes and a demure personality. This petite kitty has an orange splash on her chest and cute orange toes. Ruby is alert and engaging and enjoys wrestling with her crate mate Blue. She has a fluffy soft coat and such a

    BLUE is a confident young tortoiseshell kitty with an orange stripe on her face and a wise expression in her big green eyes.  This gal loves to play and show off her athletic prowess by dashing around her crate after mouse toys. Blue has a sweet side, too, and will

    MASON is a very unique looking handsome black-n-white tuxedo boy with long soft fur, a sophisticated black beard and the cutest black dot on his pink little nose. Mason is a bit on the petite side for a male but
    he’s got a big-boy heart. He came to us in

    WALKER is a mellow and sweet older gentleman with a silky soft black coat and loving green eyes. He has a gentle little purr that shows his appreciation when petted that will make your heart melt.  The volunteers say that “he’s just so happy to lie in your lap and

    ASH is a beautiful all gray cat with light green eyes and a sweet meow.Even his nose is gray! He is quite friendly and affectionate with a calm demeanor, and enjoys watching the activities of cat room 2 from his comfy bed. Ash would make an excellent companion for someone

    MICHAEL is a lively black and white tuxedo boy with a cheerful outlook and plenty of spark. This little cutie has a white triangle on his face and a slightly cross-eyed expression. He strolled right over to me and
    began batting at my pen and chewing the paper as I

    IVY is a petite gray tabby cat with an adorable white blaze on her chest and little white paws. She has a soft gray coat with black stripes and a tiger style tail. This gal has plenty of mischief in her green eyes, and enjoys pouncing after string toys. Ivy

    Hey there! I’m MAX, and I’d love to meet you! I’m a sharp looking brown tabby cat and I’ve got just what you’re looking for. My big green eyes are alert for fun and mischief, and I’m excellent at batting toys around – especially because I have extra toes.

    CAMMIE is a sweet gray tabby with a white chest and white paws. She has lovely tabby markings and a cute brown nose and chin. Cammie has a playful disposition and lots of spark. She will gladly entertain you by leaping after string toys and pouncing at just the right

    KAREN is a striking brown tabby lady with amazing green eyes, and white whiskers that frame her face. Her soft coat is an unusual smoky shade of brown and she has black paws and a black tail. She is quite people-oriented, and will meow softly if you approach her door.

    Little SAMMY is a darling tabby kitten girl with beautiful stripes, a tan button nose and a round worried-looking face that will make your heart melt. Sammy is quite petite, even for a kitten her age, so she’ll likely be a small size when full grown.  Sammy is sweet, sensitive

    CARSON is an adventurous black and white tuxedo fellow with amber eyes and a cute milk moustache right beneath his nose. He purrs amazingly loud and long when you stroke his shiny coat, and he likes to butt his head against you. Carson is energetic and alert as well as

    Are you looking for a sweet, smart, soft lady to transform your house into a home? TORI is the one for you! She is a pretty brown tabby girl with lots of white and a coat that is just begging to be stroked. Tori is calm and relaxed, and her

    CHARLI is an orange and white tabby cat with big green eyes and a winning personality.  Charli meows softly to get your attention, and rubs her head against her cage until you reach in and pet her. She is super affectionate and engaging with a tiny bit of mischief thrown

    ALLIE is a lovely dilute tortoiseshell gal with grayish stripes and creamy buff undertones in her silky coat. She is a relaxed adult cat with an affectionate personality who enjoys meeting new humans. Allie will butt her head against you and purr loudly when you visit her crate. Her little

    GUNNER is a perky young man with a mostly white coat and some black splashes – including a tiny spot under his nose and a half black chin. He is bold and affectionate, expecting you to fall under the spell of those intense green eyes! Gunner is equally happy dashing

    EUGENE is a deep orange tabby with amber eyes and a soft fluffy coat with a dark orange stripe down his back to his striped tail. He is a confident gentleman who is curious about his surroundings, calmly observing the activities in Cat Room 2.  This handsome adult cat enjoys

    TRENT is a young brown tabby kitten with a cute brown nose and bluish-green eyes. He has an amazingly soft, stroke-able coat with gray stripes and warm brown undertones. Trent can be a bit shy at first, but can be enticed to come out and play with a string toy.

    JAX is a lively young tuxedo boy with tons of energy and personality to spare. This black and white kitty sports a black chin and white stripe down his face with white chest and paws. He loves to show off by leaping after rolling toys and pouncing on them with

    PEANUT is a sweet buff colored kitty with a pink nose and green eyes. He is a relaxed cat who thoroughly enjoys human attention, especially chin scratches. He butted his head against his crate door, confident that I would fall madly in love with him as soon as I opened

    DINA is a gorgeous calico lady with a fluffy soft coat and big amber eyes. She has a sweet little meow and crawled right into my lap when I opened her door. This loving lady is all about affection and tender head butts and she will gladly while away a

    Our Foster Cats

    LOUISE is a gorgeous tabby kitten girl with the sweetest little face you’ve ever seen. She’s a little cautious at first when you meet her but once she gets to know you she’ll let you give her full head and body rubs.Louise is generally a perky little gal who loves

    Adoptions Pending

    Miss VERA is an adorable tortoiseshell gal who has a super relaxed attitude and pretty markings. She has white whiskers that fringe her sweet dark face and a soft meow that invites you to open her door and stroke
    her. Vera gets along famously with her crate mate

    looks like a white cat who walked under a bucket of black paint! She has a cute black chin and black patches on a white background with a contrasting black tail. This snazzy kitten is full of spunky personality and is waiting to show you how special

    This striking silver tabby lady is a calm and good natured adult cat. Noelle has huge bright green eyes and beautiful black tiger markings on her silver light coat. She is just the cat for lounging on the couch, cuddled up for a nap, or some Netflix

    is a lovely calico cat with striking black and orange markings on her silky white coat. This regal lady is confident and affectionate, looking only for a cuddle partner. She would be perfect for someone looking for a sweet, quiet companion who will curl up with you

    is a charming tortoiseshell kitten with a black face and orange chin. She has amber eyes and a black nose that sniffs out mischief! Harley is confident and curious for such a tiny thing, and she will boldly go where no kitten has gone before – straight

    is a gentle giant of a sweetheart who actually appears larger than he really is due to his beautiful fluffy white and orange coat. One of the volunteers said that Crook is just a “luxurious-looking couch potato of fluffy love.” His favorite vigorous activity (other than napping)

    is a gorgeous young cat with a deep orange and white tabby coat. She has amber eyes, a pink nose and a tiny white spot on her chest. Patti is quite active and playful and demands notice from everyone who walks by her crate. She meows and

    Our Adopted Cats

    is a lovely cat with tortoiseshell and white markings on her soft strokable coat. She is a bit shy at first, hanging back while her crate mate Madison grabs the spotlight. Brielle warms up to gentle chin rubbing, and is always up for pouncing on a mouse toy!

    is a gray tabby and white lady with a white blaze on her face, white chest and sweet white paws that contrast nicely with her striped gray tail . She is calm and relaxed, and gets along well with other cats. Pickles has big amber colored eyes, and