Our Adoptable Cats

  • QUINCY, CYRIL & ASHTONsleep hard and play hard!  The two black kittens are very unique because on top of being all black, they have the most faint stripes and spots!
    The lovely spotted Ashton is just as lovable as her siblings and enjoy human contact.  Just holding her makes

    FRANCINE is a 1 year old grey female with stunning green eyes.  This sweet dainty girl will capture your heart as soon as she looks
    at you.  She loves to snuggle in close and wriggle until she finds that perfect position on your lap allowing you to rub her tummy

    MELODY is a mostly white kitty with some crazy markings on her! She has patches of orange and patches of gray tabby scattered around her white fur, which makes her one unusual, beautiful kitty! She is very sweet and loves to be picked up and cuddled. She likes to bat

    HARMONY is a white kitty with some cute orange patches here and there. She likes to lounge around, but when a friend comes near, the fun starts! She likes play with toys, but she also likes to relax in your arms.  She’s got lots of personality and wants to find

    HAYMITCH is sweet gentle boy who takes in his surroundings. He watches his cage mates running around and when he see the ideal opportunity to play he will pounce.  A cautious boy but once he gets to know you he will snuggle up and let you tickle his chin whilst

    You’ve probably never seen anything as cute as little AIDEN before -a kitten that looks like a little bear cub! That’s right – one of the shelter volunteers who recently spent some time snuggling little Aiden calls him “The Teddy Bear Kitten” and said, “Once you see and hold him,

    Mysterious, yet charming, AIMEE is the shy one of her crew in C20. At first this little girl can be timid, but with a bit of coaxing she’ll come out and snuggle in your lap. Once she’s comfortable, she’s ready to move. She’s a player at heart and will love

    Now, it’s very possible NATE may not just be a cat, but part bunny too…check out those ears! Nate is a sweet, gentle, long-limbed tuxedo boy with gold eyes and a striking face, complete with a dot, dead center in his pink nose. He loves to be held, handled, have

    SIRABI is beautiful Grey Tabby.  This confident lady likes to curl up in a favourite position and watch the world around her.
    She loves to play with her toys whilst rolling around and trying to catch them with her paws.  She loves a chin rub and will stretch out and

    While at first she may be a little shy, VIOLA is indeed an adventurous lady with a heart of gold. Curious about the world around her, this girl loves to explore! After playtime she’s ready for some snuggle time and a nap :)
    Viola’s ID# is 439570.
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    Beautiful little FERGIE wears her gorgeous black and white “beauty mask” as if she’s ready for a royal ball (or a trip to the Spa). Fergie has a charming and curious personality with lots of smarts; she will study you to see if you’re someone she can trust and have

    Click here to see Bella on YouTube!
    Sweet, shy BELLA lives up to her name, with gorgeous golden eyes peering out from a regal mask. A petite sweetheart, BELLA would love to curl up with you and watch the world go by.
    Bella’s ID# is 437606.
    For more information contact

    Looking for a charmer with a dapper mustache?  TINKERBELL is a confident, curious cat who would love to get to know you! Comfortable with other cats and easily amused, she would love to join you for a party (and she provides her own tux).
    Tinkerbell’s ID# is 436784.
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    Despite her name, PANTHER is a delicate, gentle little girl. As soon as you approach her, she starts purring so much that her whole body vibrates and you can hear her across the room! Panther is just a kitten, so of course she’s as playful as ever, but she’s happy

    JACLYN is a young and adorable tabby who loves to cuddle, play, and look cute!  She is very relaxed and would enjoy a good scratch under the chin and some extra treats (because how could you resist!?)  She also loves to play and chase anything that’s easy to bat around! 

    MUNGO is a super snuggly and playful kitten boy with a stocky frame and a beautiful thick (yet nicely trim) black coat. Mungo loves to play with his cage-mates but will stop in an instant to greet you and ask for lots of body rubs. He’ll look at you in

    Just looking at little JERRY with his big ears, sweet golden eyes and his little white feet will make you smile. Jerry is a loving and  snuggly little guy that just LOVES LOVES LOVES to be held and petted. But he also likes his playtime in between snuggles, too! When

    BAILLIE is quite a beauty with her unique black, brown and orange markings – just look at that adorable colorful little face and tail! At 1-year old Ballie just finished being a loving and nurturing momma to her healthy kittens (who’ve all been adopted!) so now it’s her turn to

    ID#’s are 440638, 440639 & 440640.
    For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.

    GILBERT is one handsome orange and white fellow with a big beautiful face and a solid stocky body. Even though he’s on the brawnier side for a male kitty, he’s a gentle and sweet and quite tolerant of whatever is going on around him. He loves to be petted and

    DECLAN is a lovely tuxedo cat with a big personality. He’s affectionate and confident and his silky soft coat is just begging to be stroked while he curls up in your lap. Just be sure to have a few toys handy, as this charmer loves to play and explore!

    JACK is an energetic and extroverted little guy. He jumped in my arms the minute I opened the door to his crate, purring and meowing. He looks like he’s got a moustache and goatee, and it gives him a mischievous look – which is just right! This kitten is curious,

    Sweet little BEAN is a slender and dainty 1-year-old light-orange tabby girl who’s one of the most quiet, polite and affectionate kitties in the shelter cottages. She’s so calm and quiet that she’s sometimes easily overlooked by visitors but once you approach her cage she perks right up to the

    WINSTON is a striking gray and black tabby with beautiful markings and gorgeous amber eyes. He loves to be held and is a relaxed kitty, confident that you will adore him. He purrs like a sweet little motor when he’s stroked. Please stop by and see this perfect gentleman who’s

    BENTLEY is a gorgeous orange tabby with white markings on his chest and feet. He is a bit shy, but blossoms with a little attention and affection, and begins to purr and nuzzle. His alert expression and calm
    personality could be a perfect fit for your home. Come visit this

    MERCEDES is a petite orange and black tortoiseshell kitten. She is sweet and a mite shy, but holds her own with her crate-mates who are all bigger and quite active. Mercedes likes to play with toys on a string, and is warm and cuddly once she gets to know you.

    CHINO is an inky black kitten with a few white hairs scattered here and there throughout his coat. He has green eyes and a warm personality, affectionate and curious.  Chino came right over to meet me when his door was opened, and expected to petted and adored. This little gentleman

    LUIGI is a sweet and affectionate black and white kitten. He likes to hop up on shoulders while he eagerly awaits the adventures of the day.  He is a confident and easygoing little guy. He would love to be a part of your family! Stop by and get ready to

    DAISY is not only a beautiful young gray tabby girl, she’s one of the most gentle, calm and sweetest ones you’ll ever meet. Daisy is undemanding and politely accepts attention whenever it’s offered to her. She spends most of her napping in her cage but will perk up when a

    Our Foster Cats

    LOUISE is a gorgeous tabby kitten girl with the sweetest little face you’ve ever seen. She’s a little cautious at first when you meet her but once she gets to know you she’ll let you give her full head and body rubs.Louise is generally a perky little gal who loves

    Adoptions Pending

    is a cute little bugger! She loves to wrestle with the other kitties in her cage and will play endlessly with toys. She’s a beautiful orange and white cat, with medium-length fur that sticks out of her ears in the funniest direction! She’s not quite sure what

    are the funniest little triplets!  Each of these black cats has more luck than you can imagine!  They will also bring more joy and happiness as you watch them chase each others’ tails to snuggling up together.  They love to nuzzle you also!  They’ll put

    These 7-week old kittens are fabulous!  With their beautiful medium-haired coats and expressive eyes, these babies are going to grow up to be beautiful house kitties.  When we first visited, it was naptime, so we got a pile of floppy, sleepy love, but

    is a curious and sweet little kitten with big ears, big eyes and big personality to match; she is just as unique and adorable as her goofy littler sister LeeLee – yet her coloring is quite different: CeCe has a solid black coat with the most adorable

    is a beautiful 1-year old male with soulful Amber Eyes. Though young he has a mature and relaxed outlook on life. He is  very observant, taking in his surroundings with a quiet intelligence and an unassuming style. He loves to curl up on your lap letting you

    is a real sweet heart! If her beautiful green eyes and gray fur don’t get your attention, her gentle head nudges will! This
    affectionate lady is a little shy, but once you earn her trust with some chin rubs, she loves the attention you give her. Cherrie

    is just a happy-go-lucky kind of kitty who is trusting, tolerant and engaging – he simply loves everyone and everything! Not only is he as cute as a button with his black and white beauty spots but he’s smart and talkative and will tell you exactly what

    is a lovely regal young lady with the most GORGEOUS clear-green eyes, a luxuriously trim black coat (yet with an adorably unusual “fluffy” tail) that seems to complete her elegant look, (we think it’s very possible she may have secretly done some modeling gigs on the side

    is a lean and lanky beautiful tabby girl with the most unique (almost exotic!) markings that you rarely see in a regular tabby. Not only does she radiate beauty on the outside, her beauty is quite apparent on the inside as well.  She’s calm, undemanding, and loving

    is an absolutely handsome black and white tuxedo male with lots of personality and enthusiasm for life. He is very smart and knows how to calmly get your attention when you visit the shelter cottage by poking his cute little paw through his cage, reaching out to

    is one easygoing and laid-back little dude. He just goes with the flow and is relaxed no matter what’s going on around him. He loves to be held, carried around, snuggled and petted for as long or as little as you want. He gets along with furry

    Our Adopted Cats

    is a 6-month old tortie with absolutely gorgeous eyes (they’re amber and green!) and such a winning personality that she’s clearly going to make some lucky adopter very, very happy.  When we first met, Patti jumped right into my arms, gave me a kiss on the nose, and

    is a frisky little tabby who loves to play and tumble about. He’s got pretty markings, and is a very curious little bugger! Geronimo loves to lounge about, and is happy to be held. He likes to climb about in your arms to make sure he’s got a

    is a long-haired beauty! When you have a mane as beautiful as Pierre’s, it’s important to keep it combed, and Pierre loves to let his human groom him.  He’s a peaceful boy who enjoys nothing more than love and affection (and a good warm lap to snuggle in!)

    is a calendar-cute fluffy tabby kitten girl who is gentle and sweet and loves to be held. Visitors can’t resist holding this little fluff-ball of a girl while saying “Awwwww” and smiling when they meet her. Even though it’s tempting to want to adopt little Rumple based on