Our Adoptable Cats

  • BENTLEY is a gorgeous orange tabby with white markings on his chest and feet. He is a bit shy, but blossoms with a little attention and affection, and begins to purr and nuzzle. His alert expression and calm
    personality could be a perfect fit for your home. Come visit this

    MERCEDES is a petite orange and black tortoiseshell kitten. She is sweet and a mite shy, but holds her own with her crate-mates who are all bigger and quite active. Mercedes likes to play with toys on a string, and is warm and cuddly once she gets to know you.

    CHINO is an inky black kitten with a few white hairs scattered here and there throughout his coat. He has green eyes and a warm personality, affectionate and curious.  Chino came right over to meet me when his door was opened, and expected to petted and adored. This little gentleman

    DIAMOND is a lovely little mix of gray tabby and tortoiseshell. Her soft coat has warm orange accents amid her tiger stripes. Diamond’s green eyes are brimming with kitten mischief and daring. She is a cuddle partner who will climb up on your shoulder and nuzzle your cheek while purring

    PANINI is a pretty young tortoiseshell and tabby mix with a white chin and a jaunty orange patch on her ear. She has glowing green eyes and typical tabby stripes with just a hint of tortoiseshell markings. Panini is a curious young lady who is outgoing and affectionate. She loves

    CHIANA is a snazzy white and black tuxedo kitten who is full of energy and spark. She has adorable white markings on her mostly black coat which is super soft and waiting to be stroked. Chiana loves to romp around her crate with her roommates Lazlo and Mac who can

    ARLENE is an inky black cat who has newly arrived to the cat room. She’s petite and a bit shy. She has green eyes, and a sophisticated air about her, as though she’s a refined lady. Arlene prefers to sit back and observe the antics of her crate mate Perry,

    PERRY is a handsome black and white tuxedo cat with an adorable white tip on his otherwise black tail. He is a bit reserved at first, but warms up quickly.  He soon jumped into my lap and curled up purring while I rubbed his whiskery chin. Perry has a keen

    REESE is the bold and confident kitten in her crew. She is playful, smart and has a wonderful sense of adventure. Reese loves to play. She likes any toy, stalk and pounce games, jumping up on her shelf and running around. She’d much rather play than cuddle, but will happily

    FRANKIE is an adorable little girl with a cute, chirpy meow. She’s shy and a bit cautious, but will open up quickly when you offer her a toy to play with. In new situations, she’ll hang back to see how her brother and sisters do, then she’ll jump right in.

    RYDER is an adorable tortoiseshell kitten with dark brown fur that has splashes of orange. She sports an orange star on her chest and just barely marked orange paws. Ryder is petite and playful and loves to chase
    toys for an audience. She will lean her tiny body against your

    SAKI is a stunning solid gray cat with beautiful green eyes. Saki is still a little wary of humans, and is waiting to find the right trustworthy companion. Saki does love treats, and will warm up to you if you offer some! Saki is excited to find a person to

    SWEET PEA’s personality certainly matches her name! She is a beautiful tabby kitty with the cutest striped whiskers. She’s a little shy the first time you pick her up, but it doesn’t take her long to get comfy in your arms and relax. She seems to like other kitties, and

    DEMI is a curious cat who will always greet you with a  “Hi there! Whatcha doing?” With gorgeous golden eyes and handsome stripes, anyone looking for a picture perfect tabby will love Demi.
    Demi’s ID# is 440338.
    For more information contact catinfo@apsofdurham.org.

    They’re adorable. They’re cuddly. They’re entertaining. They’re kittens and we’ve got ‘em! Whether napping or playing; pouncing or purring, kittens will win your heart every time. We can’t wait to see you!
    Why two are better than one: Two kittens provide each other with exercise, social

    BONZAI is just like his name – he throws himself wholeheartedly into playtime and cuddletime both. He is a gray tabby with a hint of tortoiseshell among his tiger stripes and has green eyes. Bonzai has lots of energy and loves to entertain with his jumps, wrestling and pouncing. Is

    MILO is the leader of the pack with his super friendly attitude and confident manner. He loves to have his soft orange tabby coat petted, and will meow to get your attention. Milo is an adventurous and playful young cat who loves interacting with cats and people alike. Come visit

    BINGO is friendly gray tabby and tortoiseshell mix who boasts a coat that is as lovely as her personality. She was napping with her head on top of Dipper’s back when I opened her door, but she sprang up and ran
    over to me to be petted.  She is a

    TALIA is a charming adult cat with the most amazingly silky soft coat. She is a gray tabby with white paws and a white triangle on her chest.  Talia is relaxed and extremely cuddly. She stepped from her crate right into my lap as she certainly knows what laps are

    TWIGGY is a refined lady who models a silky white coat with black tabby patches. She is calm and quiet, preferring a nice lap to any strenuous kitty hi- jinks.  Twiggy is the perfect cat for someone looking for a well mannered adult who can be counted on to snuggle

    MARBLES is a delightful orange tabby with white paws and a pink nose. This is a petite and sweet kitty who is quite friendly and affectionate. Marbles was eager to climb in my lap when I opened her crate and expressed herself with a cute squeak of a meow. She

    HOBBES is a striking deep orange tabby with creamy white patches on his face and chest. He looks like he has an orange moustache just below his little pink nose! Hobbes is a relaxed young cat who enjoys his crate
    mates’ shenanigans, but is just as happy to watch it

    LUCY is a petite and unique tortie kitten with some gray tabby markings and BIG beautiful green eyes. Lucy is everything divine: soft, sweet and snuggly to the extreme. She’s also quite smart; she seems very aware
    of her small size and therefore assumes she can sit on your shoulders

    Wow! You won’t find a more interesting kitten gal with more personality and striking good looks than little SALLY.  Sally is a rare beauty, inside and out, with her black-beauty facial markings and loving social nature. Even at 3 months old Sally is quite the confident gal who speaks

    FREDIA is a gorgeous 1-year old tabby with a luxurious striped coat and dreamy eyes. Fredia is a low-key and gentle kind of gal and prefers her human the same way. She doesn’t mind being held and receiving
    gentle rubs but prefers to nestle down into a warm soft lap.

    FRANKLIN is a handsome gray kitty with green eyes and a rumbling purr. He can be a tad shy when introduced, it’s hard to be noticed when you’re competing with Peggy! Franklin soon wins you over with his incredibly soft coat and gentle personality. Franklin would be a perfect addition

    PEGGY is a bold kitty who adores people. She is has a smooth gray coat and intense green eyes. If you don’t immediately pet Peggy, she will meow until you stroke her lovely coat, and reward you with a lick from her sandpaper tongue. This gal is ready to meet

    JEAN is a delightful young lady who doesn’t miss a trick with those sparkling green eyes. She may seem to be a quiet, stay on the sidelines kind of kitten, but don’t be fooled. This little firecracker led her crate mates on a breakout, and escaped re-capture by scampering around

    ROO is an itty bitty kitty and she is so beautiful! She’s young and not quite sure what to think of humans yet, but given time she will make an adorable companion. Once she’s in your arms (if you can get her to sit
    still!) she is very curious and

    BOB is a stunning buff kitty with a coat of fur that just makes you want to pet him. He’s a bit shy right now, but he’s very young and will grow to love his future owner. He loves to climb and crawl all over you and is super energetic.

    DREW is a coal black kitten with a tiny white spot on his belly. He is adventurous and curious and loves to pounce on mouse toys. Drew also enjoys chin scratches and will purr up a storm when you stroke his inky
    coat. This little guy has a big personality

    BEATRICE is the Belle of the Ball in her crate! She is an adorable black kitty with a white star on her chest and big green eyes.  Beatrice is full of energy and boldly runs over to greet you when you stop by.  She might be tiny, but she’s not

    VEDA is a lovely brown tabby kitten with super soft strokable fur. She is a sweet girl who likes to relax and watch the world go by. Veda has an engaging personality and loves everyone who stops by to meet her.  She is a calm warm cuddlebug who would love

    PIXIE lives up to her name with her waif-like charm. She is a tiny brown tabby with a brown nose and white whiskers. Pixie is a shy girl who sports tiger stripes and a black tipped tail. Pixie is waiting for a safe and loving home that will allow her

    BROOKE is a striking tuxedo kitten with a white blaze and glowing green eyes. She is an adventure seeker and is quite curious about the world around her. Brooke confidently stepped up from her pack to greet me,
    rubbing her chin against my hand and purring with pleasure. This outgoing

    PAISLEY has the most amazing gold-green eyes with such an intelligent expression! She is a mostly white cat with calico patches and a sweet disposition. Paisley likes to scamper after rolling toys and pounce when
    the time is right. She could be that special cat who would complete your family

    CONFETTI has pretty calico markings with a white blaze and chin. She has one orange tipped ear and one black tipped ear and a cute pink nose. Confetti is a confident fun seeker who enjoys playing with ribbon toys.  She has a silky soft coat you just can’t stop petting!

    LORELEI is a sassy coal black kitty with bright green eyes and a fluffy coat. She has a few white flecks in her otherwise inky coat and an affectionate personality. Lorelai is a real sweetheart who loves to strut up to
    you and rub her cheek on you and purr.

    PEYTON is an engaging brown tabby kitten who was energetically biting my pen and paper as I tried to take notes on his delightful personality. He has green eyes and a brown button nose with a soft buff coat overlain with bold black tiger stripes. Come visit Peyton & let

    BLYTHE is a vivacious black and white kitty with amber eyes and a bold curious nature. She has a charming white star on her black chest and plenty of youthful confidence. Blythe loves to tumble around with her crate mates when she’s not purring in a lucky visitor’s arms.

    CASSIE is a sweet brown tabby girl with big green eyes and a super soft coat. She is content to curl up and nap with her roommates and after, she loves to pounce on a mouse toy and will carry it around to show off
    what a great little hunter

    ELI is a merry little man who sports a coal black coat with a tiny white star on his chest. He is happy to frolic around his crate after jingle toys and loves to meet new people. Eli is a self assured and handsome boy, and why wouldn’t he be?

    DUNCAN is a deep orange tabby with creamy undertones, almost like a creamsicle! He has green eyes and a tiny pink nose that sniffs out pure mischief. This kitten is a bit shy at first, but soon warms up to chin
    scratches with a soft purr. Duncan would love to

    ELEANOR is a striking tortoiseshell lady with white paws and a white chin & whiskers. She will fix her amber eyes on you and demand your attention by meowing at her door until you open it and stroke her lovely coat.  Eleanor is curious and friendly and would make a

    DARLENE is a bright calico and gray tabby cat who’s playful and friendly. She has a big fluffy tail she carries aloft like a flag and sports white paws and a white belly she would love for you to rub. Darlene has amber eyes and a rumbling purr that won’t

    Miss VERA is an adorable tortoiseshell gal who has a super relaxed attitude and pretty markings. She has white whiskers that fringe her sweet dark face and a soft meow that invites you to open her door and stroke
    her. Vera gets along famously with her crate mate Sweetpea and

    LANDIS is a mostly white boy with a patch or two of gray tabby. He has amber eyes and an orange striped tail. Landis is curious about the humans who come to see him, and will playfully show off his athletic skills
    with a toy mouse for any audience. This

    JOELLE is a petite half tabby – half white gal with a tiny meow that will grab your attention as you walk by. She expects you to stop and admire her lively attitude and cheerful demeanor. You will be rewarded for
    stroking her soft coat with a sweet purr –

    MIRIAM is a mostly white kitty with patch of gray tabby on her adorable little head and a striped gray and orange tail. She loves attention and will rub her whole body against you and purr like a tiny motor.
    This cute gal is a people cat who’s in the

    MAVERICK is a sturdy, mellow cat with white paws and a white blaze on his black coat. He has green eyes and white whiskers that contrast with his velvety black face. Maverick is the perfect match for the family
    looking for a mature cat of the world instead of a

    BABS is a gorgeous black and white lady with hints of gray tabby in her striped tail. She has a soft meow and will crawl into your lap at the slightest invitation. Babs is a sweet adult cat who is drama free and relaxed. She could be the lap cat

    PARKER is a cute little guy with a super soft coat and gray tabby markings. He is full of fun and scampers after jingle toys with his crate mates. Parker may be small but he’s the total feline package – quirky, sociable
    and handsome!
    Parker’s ID# is 443270.
    For more

    VICTOR is a mostly white lap cat with a gray tabby patch on his back and a gray tail. He has a tabby patch on his face giving him a rakish air, but this pink-nosed guy is all sweetheart. Stop by today and check out this snuggle bunny!
    Victor’s ID#

    VICTORIA is a calico young lady with some orange and black patches on her mostly white coat. She is good natured and super affectionate.  She adores visitors and her little pink nose twitches in anticipation of
    meeting new friends! Won’t you be her next one?
    Victoria’s ID# is 442652.

    NINA is a refined black and white tuxedo lady with white whiskers and paws. She has an inquisitive bold streak and she loves to explore. Nina especially enjoys being brushed, and will reward your efforts with a
    rumbling purr and much cheek rubbing!
    Nina’s ID# is 442730.
    For more information

    BRAXTON is a sweet little gray tabby with buff undertones. He is tiny and fluffy but full of kitten mischief. Braxton loves to dash around the cat cottage rolling and tumbling with the other kittens, but he’s really
    waiting for someone to take this bright eyed lovebug home!
    Braxton’s ID#

    ANI is a half white half gray kitty with a white triangle on her sweet tiny face. She loves to curl up in a soft cat bed with her brother Andy. Ani is a cuddle muffin who would make a wonderful addition to the right
    family, especially in tandem with

    ANDY is a bright little boy with a big white triangle on his gray face, and big plans to pounce on your shoe laces! Andy is full of fun, but knows it’s important to take time out for plenty of cat naps with his
    snuggly little sister, Ani!
    Andy’s ID#

    CORALINE is a teeny gray tabby and calico kitten who is just exquisite! She is a people lover and dashes over to greet anyone who visits the cat cottages. Coraline can’t stop purring as she twines her tiny body around your legs.
    Coraline’s ID# is 442735.
    For more information contact

    SAMSON is a black and white tyke with a cute black chin and a white face. His black tail is tipped with a flash of white and can be seen zigging and zagging around cat cottage two as he dashes after toys with his
    pals. Samson marches to the beat

    PARIS is a self possessed black and white little lady with a black spot on her nose and chin. This sweet kitten has a squeaky meow and tons of charm. She is bold and friendly, and can’t wait for you to come see her in cat cottage two!
    Paris’ ID#

    ECHO is an all black kitten with big green eyes and a mellow outlook on life. Her coal black coat is silky soft and just begs you to stroke it. Echo enjoys hanging out in cat cottage two relaxing with the other kittens, but she really would like you to

    Our Foster Cats

    LOUISE is a gorgeous tabby kitten girl with the sweetest little face you’ve ever seen. She’s a little cautious at first when you meet her but once she gets to know you she’ll let you give her full head and body rubs.Louise is generally a perky little gal who loves

    Adoptions Pending

    is one handsome and long-haired fuzzy black-n-white kitten boy who’s spunky, curious and full of life! He’s a little cautious when you meet him at first, but if you approach him with kind words and offer a gentle hand, he’ll stop to give you a few sniffs

    is a wonderful little boy with a silky black coat and a personality that won’t quit. He has light green eyes that gaze at you with curiosity and playfulness. Lazlo will snuggle up to you with confidence as this little guy is after love and adventure. Won’t

    is a perfect gray tabby cat with a sweet pink nose and a white star on her chest. She is friendly and affectionate, and expects to be adored. Twyla would be a great addition to a home that prefers all the benefits of a drama free adult

    is a striking gray tabby with black markings and dainty white tipped paws. She is also declawed, and appropriate only as an indoor kitty. Lemon has a white chest and amber eyes. Her coat is soft and she is a
    definitely a people cat who expects to

    and her sister Esmeralda live in the cat cottage where they can show off for anyone who comes to the shelter. They are adorable calico kittens with tons of spark who love to roll around after toys and pounce on visitor’s shoelaces. They are both lively and

    is a big black tom cat with white flecks in his inky coat. He is all about crawling into a lap, curling up, and settling in for a long winter night. Connor is calm and self assured, and would be an excellent companion for the right person

    is an all gray tabby gentleman with green eyes and a playful personality. He is a solid sized mature cat, but still has plenty of spark glinting from his bright eyes! Chuck loves to lay around with his
    roommate Taylor, who could be his twin! This would

    is a big boy with amber eyes and striking gray tabby markings. He is calm and self confident and will butt his head against you when you open his door. Taylor is super affectionate and his chill attitude would make for a smooth transition to any home!

    Our Adopted Cats

    Sweet DODGE is a total love bug. Friendly and confident, Dodge will jump into your lap and give you a affectionate nuzzle whenever you need one.

    is a clever little kitten with a streak of adventure. He likes playing with his toys, loves chin scratches and will never pass up a game of stalk and pounce. Once he knows you, he’ll snuggle down in your arms after play time. He is hesitant, but will

    is a smart looking black and white cat who is confident and exceptionally friendly. Stevie jumped into my arms when I opened the door, and stayed on my shoulder, purring and nuzzling me. This cat demands attention, rubbing up against the crate door while bewitching you with those

    is a sweet brown tabby kitten with a fluffy soft coat that is oh-so-strokable! She is a calm little girl who loves to snuggle up to you. Chi has an even tempered personality and she loves people! While her crate
    mates scamper about after toys, Chi prefers to

    is the only girl in her crate – as Opie and Odie are the boisterous little men in her life. Olive is a warm brownish gray tabby with a cute brown nose and huge green eyes. While Olive is much more refined and
    lady like than her crate

    is a handsome gray tabby fellow who has a white chest and white paws. He has a tiny white speck on his nose and green eyes that invite you to pet his smooth coat. Humphrey is tuned into people, and gets along with other cats. He is currently

    is just like her namesake – cute & full of fun! She is a gray and white tabby with twin black racing stripes down her back and amber colored eyes. Patty sports white paws, and invites you to notice her big personality with a tiny meow!

    is a striking gray and white tabby cat with a white triangle above her cute little nose. She high fives visitors who come to her door, and will reward your attention with a playful purr. Marcie loves to snuggle up with her pal Peppermint Patty!

    is a black kitten who is quite friendly and sure of herself. She has an unusual looking kinky tail, and yellow green eyes. Charlotte is at ease playing with her little pals, or cuddled up in the nearest lap. Come by and see this sweet little tidbit!

    is a perky and tiny black and white kitten with a silky coat and green eyes. She is the leader of her little pack and is curious and outgoing. Jamie has a black chin and white whiskers that twitch with mischief.  She has a big cat attitude in

    is an inky black kitten who is fluffy and full of energy. He seems a bit reserved at first, but he adores chin scratches and loves to pounce on mouse toys. Gideon scrambles around with his roommates entertaining anyone who stops by his crate – won’t you be

    is a coal black kitten with big green eyes and lots of spark. She is a short haired kitten who is curious, bold and playful. This little adventure-seeker loves to meet new people if she has time in her busy schedule of alternating hi-jinks and group napping.

    MANDY is a super friendly cuddle bug with gorgeous tabby markings. The black spots on her gray coat make her look just like a little leopard, and her lively personality is bold to match! Mandy loves to held in your lap and stroked, and she will butt her head

    is a gorgeous and spunky little brown and gray tabby girl who loves nothing more than being out of her kennel so she can explore and visit with everyone she meets. Mindy’s sweet little face says it all – she’s friendly, personable and smart – she enjoys adventures,

    is a smoky brown tabby gentleman who is quite playful and engaging with his innocent green eyes and entertaining personality. He was declawed before he arrived at APS. When I opened his door he ran right over to check me out and playfully patted me and pulled off

    Are you looking for a sweet calm cat? Are you ready for a refined lady who loves to curl up in any available lap? Do you want to skip the frenetic manic and energetic kitten antics? This wonderful cat is waiting for you in C-15! Opal is most

    is an all white kitten with gold eyes and a pink nose. This little sweetheart is dainty but loves to explore.  Wynter isn’t the least bit shy and loves attention. She romps around the cat cottage chasing after toys that roll and jingle, but will stop and meet


    is a soft gray tabby with glowing green eyes and a cute brown nose. She is warm and affectionate and clearly a people cat. Eleanor climbed right into my arms when I opened her door purring loudly. Marilyn gets along well with other cats and would love to