Our Adoptable Cats

    Meet Dutchess!  She is a striking, bob tailed cat who would love a home that can give her some time to decompress and come into her own.  Despite being in the shelter since November, she hasn’t let that get her down and loves to play with toys in her

    UPDATED 04/14! GABBY is a gentle and sweet young lady with soft cotton-white fur and a Zen personality. She is a sweet princess pf beauty and grace.Gabby is known as one of the most gentle kitties at the shelter  She is a kitty that loves gentle belly rubs and will

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    is a long hair black and white tuxedo gentleman with green eyes and white whiskers. This mellow cat is perfectly relaxed and loves to have his silky coat brushed while he purrs with appreciation. Sylvester is a great cat for someone looking

    GRACE is a sweet little tabby girl with a few orange accents throughout her warm brown coat. She is long-limbed and graceful, and when she turns those huge green eyes your way, be prepared to fall helplessly in love! Grace has a fun, playful and affectionate personality that’s just bursting

    MURDOCK is a lanky and sleek brown tabby with white legs and a soft white chest to match. He has an inquisitive look to him and is curious and friendly with anyone who visits him. He’s a laid back lover-boy who loves company and lots of head rubs. He’s also

    LAINEY is a petite and friendly brown tabby gal with beautiful black stripes across her cute little legs and a dark fluffy tail. She has a beautiful medium-length coat and welcomes all the petting you want to give her.  She also has the sweetest little face with beautiful golden eyes

    GINA is a lovely silver gray tabby with black tiger stripes and white whiskers. She is an affectionate and confident kitty who loves to head butt anyone she meets while purring with sheer delight. Gina is playful as well as sweet and will gladly show off her pouncing skill if


    Our Foster Cats

    Adoptions Pending

    is a gray and white young male with white paws and a pink nose. He is alert and confident, and loves to have his cheek rubbed. Roland enjoys engaging an audience by playing with jingle toys, and shows off his sprinting energy proudly. Wasn’t Sir Roland a

    is a big brown tabby who has striking tiger markings and keen green eyes that seem so wise. He’s a lot like the fellow on the Dos Equis beer commercials – the most interesting cat in the world. Gus doesn’t often hang out in animal shelters, but

    is a friendly young orange tabby who loves attention. He is orange all over with sparkling green eyes, a striped tail and a cheerful curious, attitude. Morgan purrs confidently as he rubs his cheek against your hand and eagerly anticipates the fun you’ll have together. Come visit

    Our Adopted Cats

    is a strapping charcoal gray tom with amber eyes who’s looking for a comfy lap to curl up in. He seems aptly named, as he’s almost big enough to be a small lion. This confident man will butt his head against you and purr while leaning up against

    is a beautiful 5 year old white Persian with tan spots and bright golden eyes. She is a little shy at first but will blossom into a confident feline in a quiet household that provides her with all the love and cuddling she deserves. Simone is laidback and