Our Adoptable Cats

    Meet Dutchess!  She is a striking, bob tailed cat who would love a home that can give her some time to decompress and come into her own.  Despite being in the shelter since November, she hasn’t let that get her down and loves to play with toys in her

    CHARLI is an orange and white tabby cat with big green eyes and a winning personality.  Charli meows softly to get your attention, and rubs her head against her cage until you reach in and pet her. She is super affectionate and engaging with a tiny bit of mischief thrown

    MILKSHAKE has both chocolate and vanilla in her black and white coat! This young lady also sports a tiny black spot on her pink nose and big green eyes. She is a bit shy of strangers at first, but can be coaxed into playing with a string toy if you

    JERSEY: This little lovebug adores attention and is looking for the purrfect family to bring her home! If given the opportunity, she will gladly perch on your shoulders so she can survey her surroundings while still pressed up you. She also loves to play and will eagerly chase toys if

    GABBY is a gentle and sweet young lady with soft cotton-white fur and a Zen personality. Despite suffering from a few skin allergies (which is apparent when you meet her but is very manageable) her coat is still silky-soft and she loves to be petted! Gabby is known as one

    FELIX is a handsome brown tabby with warm, almost orange undertones. He has a tigerish look about him, and seems proud of his style. Felix sports a white chin and whiskers with a striped black tail. He is young and energetic, and loves to show off by pouncing on mouse

    LEO is a strapping charcoal gray tom with amber eyes who’s looking for a comfy lap to curl up in. He seems aptly named, as he’s almost big enough to be a small lion. This confident man will butt his head against you and purr while leaning up against you.

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    is an absolutely adorable sweetheart of a young gal, soft and petite with a silky-soft black coat and an adorable little white spot in the middle of her chest making her extra unique. Luna has the sweetest little face with giant golden

    SIMONE is a beautiful 5 year old white Persian with tan spots and bright golden eyes. She is a little shy at first but will blossom into a confident feline in a quiet household that provides her with all the love and cuddling she deserves. Simone is laidback and affectionate

    Our Foster Cats

    Adoptions Pending

    is a delightful coal black kitty with bright green eyes. This young cat wants nothing more than to show you some kitty lovin’ and will butt her head against you as soon as you open her door. Although toys may interest some cats, Poppi is totally locked

    is an adorable tortoiseshell gal with a dark brown and buff coat and a playful personality. She has white whiskers on one side of her sweet face, and black whiskers on the other!  One orange paw will reach for you as you reach to pet her, and

    is a lovely gray lady with a long silky coat and wise green eyes. This gal loves to be brushed and will stretch her paws up on the door to get your attention with a soft meow. Kerra offers an opportunity for someone looking for a loving

    is a gorgeous long-haired tortoiseshell girl with striking good looks and a lot of “toritude” evident in how much she likes to talk and flirt! She loves people, and like most torties, she is very smart and knows just how to get you to do what she

    Our Adopted Cats

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    is a gray tabby and white youngster who is outgoing and affectionate. This young gal loves people and will purr and rub herself against her door until you give in and open it up to pet her. She has big green

    is a delightful kitty with tortoiseshell & gray markings on her largely white coat. She is sweet and loving and adores attention from two-legged creatures. She has amber eyes, and an orange blaze that splits her face into gray and orange halves. Trixie is curious and personable whose