Adoption fee waived
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Bio data

McLovin was named for his loving and kind nature. The largest kitten of his litter of five, McLovin matured a bit faster than the others and grew into a chill sort of leadership role with the group. His littermates looked up to him and adored his playful, loving kindness. 

When the litter was very young and not all of the kittens had quite figured out proper litterbox etiquette, McLovin would often stir from his catnap, go to the box, and tidy things up after the other kittens had done their business. He was never clique-ish and hung out with everybody, always looking out for his brothers, sisters, and humans in his life.

When the litter arrived home from spay / neuter surgery, tired woozy and hungry, everyone jumped at the food bowl and started chowing down the instant the kitten carrier door opened – everyone except McLovin. He made straight for his foster’s lap and went for snuggles before food.  Video:

If you happened to be working on the computer near McLovin’s litter and heard a “meow” from down around your feet at floor level, it was a pretty sure bet that McLovin wanted to be lifted up for some cuddles.  He helped his foster family with a lot of important computer projects… he’s not much of a coder, but he’s great at providing play breaks and moral support :3.

Anyone who adopts him will be getting a very special cat: playful, affectionate, and SOFT as a baby bunny!

McLovin’s adoption fee has been waived, Adoption fee $50, sponsored by the Columbus Fund of the Animal Protection Society