Personality Color

We learn a lot about our canine friends. Check out our color codes to find your best match.

  • Easygoing: red

    Friendly, easygoing, loves everyone and everything. Good fit for most families.

  • Energetic: orange

    Energetic, enthusiastic. Needs good exercise, basic obedience training, fenced yard a plus. Good choice for an active person who wants a hiking or jogging companion.

  • Low-key Mellow: blue

    Low-key, mellow, enjoys attention/cuddling. Would be happy just to hang out with you, and keep you company on gentle walks.

  • Shy Submissive: pink

    A little shy and submissive, but tries hard. Needs kind handling and positive (rewards-based) training to help build confidence.

  • Sweet Sensitive: green

    Sweet, but a little anxious and sensitive. Needs kind, gentle handling. May be too timid and/or delicate for small children.

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