Easy Walk Harness Exchange

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APS of Durham is holding an exchange program in which we will give an Easy Walk Harness to anyone currently using a prong, choke or electric collar.

All you have to do is bring your dog, along with the prong, choke or electric collar you are using (as well as the dog’s leash and regular collar) to the animal shelter. We will fit your dog with a brand new Easy Walk harness, and give you a flyer on how to use it!!  Please contact volunteer@apsofdurham.org to make sure someone who can fit your dog will be available.

Please spread the word!!

**You must be willing to give up your existing collar in exchange for the more humane Easy Walk harness**

This program, brought to you courtesy of the Christine Danko Memorial Education Fund, is available while supplies last!

Would you like to help with educational efforts like this one? Click the link below to give to the Christine Danko Memorial Education Fund!