Cat Care Tips


Cat care:The number of animals brought in to shelters because of behavioral problems is high.For this reason the APS provides resources for the care of cats before they are even adopted.Every adopter also receives a free DVD produced by the HSUS and Animal Planet to introduce adopters to the proper care of their adopted pet.


Durham County Animal Control provides Rabies Vaccines for a small fee. Call 919-560-0630 for more information.

Useful Cat Care Information:

Prepare for New Baby
Kitties Rough Play
Free-Roaming Cats
Your Pregnancy and Your Cat
Understanding Kittens
Removing Stains and Odors
When You’re Ill
Cat Destrctive Scratching
Selecting The Right Pet
Understand Talkative Cats
Unusual Eating Habits
Solving Cat Agression
Cat Agression
Positive Reinforcement
Introducing A New Cat
Cat Toys
Litter Box Training
Coping With Allergies
Fearful Behavior in Cats
Reducing Urine Marking
Litterbox Problems

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