centerfest_sml-2The Education Committee

This dedicated group of volunteers focuses on community education throughout Durham County. Specific areas include: pet overpopulation, responsible pet care and humane treatment for all animals.

Request an Education Presentation

To schedule a visit from the APS of Durham’s Education Department for your group, please call 919-560-0640 ext 231 or e-mail us at We may bring a child-friendly dog to any presentation upon request! Education presentations are limited to 3rd Grade (or age 9) through adult in Durham County.

Shelter Tours

Teachers & groups may schedule a visit to the APS of Durham/Durham County Animal Shelter. Students will learn about shelter operations, including how animals come to the shelter, how they’re adopted or reclaimed by the families (or their owners) and the pet overpopulation problem.

camp3Ways Kids Can Help

Many young people ask how they can help the homeless animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter.

Ways Teens Can Help

Teenagers have a lot of influence! There are many things that they can do to positively effect their community and the lives of the animals in it.

Recommended Reading List

Literature is a GREAT way to teach young people about animals, what they need, how they feel and what we can do to help them!


Would you like to help the Education Committee?

Educating the public is of utmost importance in our quest to increase adoptions, end animal overpopulation, and decrease the number of animals flowing into our shelter. There are several jobs we have that work toward this goal. For more information, contact Stephanie Kirby at or (919) 560-0640 x.221