A Happy Tail 10 Years in the Making

Ten years ago this year, kitties Chance and Jelly were at the APS of Durham, patiently awaiting the day their good luck would cash in. By chance or by fate, however you choose to look at it, Bill and Joyce entered the picture.

In 2009, Chance and Jelly were the two remaining kittens in a litter of four. Their siblings, Peanut Butter and Hope, had already been adopted, but time was running low for Jelly and Chance. Stephanie, an APS volunteer who fostered the litter of four, was hoping for the best when Bill and Joyce expressed interest.

“Our older cat had crossed the Rainbow Bridge a while back, so we came to the APS [of Durham] intending to take home a mature cat for another chance. The staff took one look at us and put us into a small room with Jelly and Chance, who captivated us while chasing each other around playfully,” Bill shares.

Luck was definitely on their side that day.

Today, Jelly and Chance are thriving indoor cats. Bill writes, “They still chase each other around the place, over the couch and under the table, when they are not sleeping on a wool blanket, or eating. They greet our guests and smell their shoes, then roll over for a belly rub; but when the house cleaners come, one of them will be deep in the closet and the other a strange bump under the bed covers.”

In 2014, for a “fifth birthday present” for the cats, Stephanie, the APS alum who had fostered the pair, sent Bill and Joyce some “baby pictures” from when Chance and Jelly were in her care as kittens.

This APS of Durham Happy Tail is 10 years in the making, and we have to say it’s a pretty sweet one!