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We are currently seeking a Veterinary Assistant and Customer Service Representative. Job descriptions outlined below.

Veterinary Technician

Job description coming soon! Please email if interested in learning more about this position.

Veterinary Assistant

Job Summary:

To assist with providing veterinary medical services to animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter. This includes animal restraint and handling, basic animal care, assisting with medical and surgical procedures, administering medication, record keeping, laboratory testing, and equipment maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Restraint of animals for medical exams and procedures

· Care of animals in medical areas (feeding, cleaning, monitoring, etc.)

· Care of small animal species (rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles, birds, exotics, etc). Includes initial set up, cage cleaning, feeding, maintaining medical records, etc.

· Bring animals to and from kennels to medical areas

· Clean, stock and prepare surgery room and equipment

· Clean, wrap, sterilize and maintain surgical instruments and packs

· Induce, maintain and monitor anesthesia

· Recover anesthetized patients

· Maintain medical records, drug logs and medication sheets

· Maintain inventory, order and stock supplies

· Collect blood, urine, and fecal samples

· Perform, interpret and record results of basic laboratory tests (fecal flotation, heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests)

· Administer vaccines

· Administer oral and injectable medications.

· Implant microchips

· Perform euthanasia (training and certification provided)

Qualifications and Skills:

· Exceptional and compassionate animal care skills

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Experience in animal restraint and handling

· Knowledge of common medical and behavioral issues for animals

· Knowledge of basic shelter standards of care

· Close attention to detail and cleanliness

· Ability to learn new skills effectively

· Ability to work and thrive in an open intake shelter setting

Education and Experience:

· Minimum of high school diploma

· Additional education preferred

· Previous experience as a veterinary technician highly desired

· Previous animal shelter experience highly desired

To apply please send cover letter and resume to with the position title in the subject line. No phone calls please.

ing adoptions and redemptions as well as providing animal education and outreach.

Customer Service Representative

Job Summary:

This position is to serve as the primary contact for the public for all shelter operations. This includes process

Duties & Responsibilities:

· Provide an accurate inventory of animals within the shelter before each business day

· Check the general voicemail and adopt email daily

· Answer phones before and during open hours

· Responsible for the entire adoption process including but not limited to; reviewing adoption applications, communicating with potential adopters ,arranging visitations and filling out paperwork

· Provide counseling and education for the public including general care information, any known history on APS animals, information on acclimating an animal to a new home, training advice, potential health and behavior issues, and responsible pet ownership.

· Assist the public with redeeming their pet from the shelter, including arranging viewing of the stray animals and discussing redemption paperwork and fees.

· Review lost and found requests for the APS website.

· Complete data entry and updates into Chameleon software for accurate inventory and statistics

· Record, organize and file impoundment, application, medical and contract paperwork.

· Collect and record money for both County and APS transactions.

· Provide assistance for Durham residents needing help with their animals. This includes spay/neuter, medical care, financial assistance and other APS resources as needed.

· Coordinate with other departments and management to accomplish APS goals.

· Ability to work every Saturday.

Qualifications & Skills:

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Exceptional and compassionate customer service

· Knowledge of positive training techniques

· Knowledge of common medical and behavioral issues for animals

· Knowledge of shelter standards of care

· Proficient in Microsoft Office and Chameleon software

· Ability to remain calm in often highly emotional and stressful situations involving the public

Education & Experience

· High School Diploma

· Previous customer service as well as animal shelter experience highly desired

· Bilingual preferred

To apply please send cover letter and resume to with the position title in the subject line. No phone calls please.