AMBER (Formerly Hannah)

amber4Hello Durham APS –
We wanted to submit a “Happy Endings” story for your website. We have way
too many pictures to choose from, but have attached a couple of our
favorites. Here is our story:
After walking into the Durham APS, we were instantly greeted by Amber
(Hannah) in Kennel 1, who was holding a tennis ball in her mouth and
wagging her tail like crazy. Her cuteness melted our hearts and we decided
to make the adoption official that day in mid-September, 2010.
Since she has joined our family, Amber easily settled into a nice routine
and has continued to make us smile and laugh on a daily basis. She is very
smart, well-mannered and has been a joy since day one (everyone who meets
her absolutely loves her). We took her to a five-week puppy class where
she was the social butterfly of the class, and also learned quite a few
tricks, puppy socialization, and basic behavior skills. She has since
graduated onto preparation training classes for Agility – now comfortable
with running through an obstacle course made up of tunnels, jumps, weaving
posts and tire rings.
Amber loves ice cubes, going on long walks to King’s for hot dogs, running
laps in our backyard, saying “hello” to everyone, lying in sun spots, car
rides with open windows, belly rubs, and Virginia Tech tailgates.
We look forward to the years to come with Amber!
Kristin + Andrius