BAILEY formerly Cassius

scan0004BAILEY formerly Cassius

Hello Durham APS,
We have a “happy Endings” story for Bailey (formerly Cassius).  After my boxer (Garth) passed away in September 2010 at the age of 12 years (which was adopted from you guys when he was 3 months old), I continued to look at other dogs and still favored boxers.    When I saw Cassius there was no doubt that he was going home with us.  At the shelter he was quiet and never barked, constantly looking around listening and very curious.  He was renamed “Bailey” and has been a bright spot in our lives.  At first he was very inquisitive over the in-home cats and sometimes chased them, but never doing more than smelling or licking them.  Now Bailey is settled in and the cats don’t pay him much attention any more.  We don’t know much about his past, but he apparently learned some good manners.  When we eat dinner he will stand by and look but never begs.  When he is walked outdoors and finishes his business, Bailey will quickly come to our side and sit patiently.  He has a quick wit and very playful side.  We can chase him around the living room and kitchen and play hide-n-seek, which he enjoys non-stop.  He loves special treats like pig ears and raw hide bones. 
We have many children that come in and out of our home.  When Garth was alive he was always considered our therapeutic dog.  All the kids considered him easy to walk and fun to play with.  Now that Bailey has taken his place, Bailey is our therapeutic dog.  And has done fantastic with all the kids in my home! 
We look forward to many years of happiness with Bailey in our lives.  Attached is Bailey’s picture that was taken by Durham APS, some snow pictures and his 2010 Christmas picture.  As a tribute to Garth’s 12 years with us, I had to add one picture of him (as we miss him).  Thank you Durham APS for such awesome pets!