BEANS (adopted August 2012)

comicon002Dear APS,
Liz and I wanted to write and tell you about Beans, who we adopted from you last August when he was a four-month-old kitten. He’s almost full grown now, but he’s still a kitten at heart. He loves nothing better than to play, whether it’s with us or with his best cat friend, Guinness. Beans was his name at the shelter, and we kept it because it really suits him–he’s full of beans, for sure! He’s an acrobat who gets up in the top of closets, a deadly hunter of his mouse, feather toy, and any padded coat-hanger he can get his teeth on, and still a sweet, cuddly boy who’ll spend hours sleeping under the covers on the bed. He has brought us much joy, and we’re so glad we found him. We love seeing his little head watching for us out the window when we get home from work each day. We’ve attached a few pictures.
Thanks for all the work you do!
Charles & Liz (& Beans)