BEAUTY (Formerly Tiger)

beautyDear APS folks,

We adopted Tiger in Mar 2011. Now we name her Beauty, because she is the most beautiful cat we ever seen.

Here is her story with us:

After a Vet visit I had my eye infection cured, though I hated the ointment in my eyes. I started to enjoy the water fountain and my new PINK bed after arriving at my new home. My parents wanted to change my diet to dry food, but they failed. Hahahhh, you know, I like the juicy chicken and fish. So everyday I have one meal of wet food to enjoy, I am the BOSS, I think they want me to be happy. I learn to stand and shake my paws with my dad before get some tasty treats. I can also hold the little stick back with my mouth after my parents throw it away. I will show my skills if there’s a chance. It is my first new year with my new parents, hope my brothers and sisters are doing great there!


Beauty (formerly Tiger) together with my parents Bin and Wenjing.