Bo (formerly known as Chunk) is one of the crew!

All APS Happy Tails are sweet and special, but some just really melt your heart. Just look at those family photos! Here is what APS alum Bo’s family told us about him…

“Chunk, now known as Bo, is settled in and made himself right at home. He enjoys playtime outside with the kids every day and then snuggles on the couch with mom and dad at night. He loves going for car rides with us, playing fetch, being a big ole toddler from time to time and playing “come and get me” when he is taking something that’s not his! We did some extended training and he has pretty much mastered all the basics (sit, down, go to your mat, good leash skills, etc…) He is a wonderful dog and we are so happy to have him join our crew.”

We are so happy for Bo and the crew! Happy Tails!