Boomer (adopted December 2018)

Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom 

Emma came to the APS of Durham on December 11, 2018, in hopes of finding a new fur baby. Many who adopt know the story: “I went to the shelter to look at a different dog…” But when Emma laid eyes on Boomer, she knew she had found the newest member of her family. ­­And it’s pretty easy to understand why. 

Boomer is a handsome brown and white pitty mix with a mysterious background. “We don’t know his past or what happened to him, but he is very timid around new people.” In a few short months, Emma has seen Boomer become a more affectionate and loyal dog. With patience, love, and probably a few treats here and there, Boomer is starting to understand that people aren’t so bad after all. It also doesn’t hurt to have his new brother, Finley, showing him the ropes.

“I knew I wanted a Pitbull mix because I want to show everyone how amazing the breed is.” Emma and her boyfriend brought home a true beaut of a dog. And Boomer thanks them back every day with cuddles and smooches. For what little we know of Boomer’s past, one thing is certain—his future is bright! 

And that’s what we call a Happy Tail.