BROOKE (Adopted August 2012)

brookespictures095Hi APS!
Brooke is doing great since we adopted her from APS in August 2012. She loves to play tug-of-war and fetch. She does sit and has learned Come, Lie Down, and High Five. She is very good with her older ‘brother’ Buddy, a Great Pyrenees mix, and always has to sleep next to him. We take two mile walks almost every day. She loves to swim (but hates baths). She is spoiled and we are always making her homemade doggie treats. She tries to ‘play’ with the cats, but is otherwise good with them. She is always snuggling on the couch with the family. She is very gentle with everyone. She hardly ever barks (except when the guy who mows the lawn comes). She is very smart, and when we say ‘Time to go to sleep, Brooke’ she will lie down. She is a real sweet heart.

We are so glad we adopted her. She is so sweet and is very good when we walk her on her harness. She is a part of this family and we love her very much.