Chocolate Bar

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Chocolate Bar 🖤🍫

“Chocolate Bar is a purr🎶 machine and sounds like a little motor. he loves to run and climb and wrestle with his foster sister.  Once he is pooped out, he likes to rest near his foster siblings and will even lick them!  He is also really smart, too!  Chocolate Bar learned how to fist bump 🤜– when we close our fist, he will come up to bump our fist with his head!  I bet with treats you could even teach him to high-five!✋
– he loves to drink water with his paws!
– he knows “sit” and almost can high five!
– because he is shy, he needs a patient kind of love that will let him come to you on his own time and may not be immediately cuddly! That’s ok!  just give him the time he may need and you’ll have a purrfect fur-friend!
bonus:  Chocolate Bar is just about the softest kitten we have ever met!  I can’t wait for you to meet him!