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Bio data

Clara šŸ¤ŽšŸ–¤šŸ’›

Young little Clara is the belle of the ball…. or should we say shelter. šŸ˜ŗĀ  She is a dark Tortie with a bright personality and heart!šŸ’–Ā  Looking forward to shining all over your home!

When these girls were in foster, their foster mom said:

“Cleo and Clara make the perfect pair! Clara (the tortie) is the more calm sister who likes getting belly rubs and taking cat naps. Cleo (the calico) is an energetic sweetheart who is always game to chase a toy or give you kisses.Ā Most of the time you can find these girlsĀ either playing with each other or snoozing together in a cozyĀ spot. Both Clara and Cleo love when you play with them, but can keep each other entertained for hours, even playing with their own tails sometimes! These two also love to beĀ petĀ and will cuddle up to you after play time, purring until they fall asleep.Ā Cleo and Clara have so much love to give and can’t wait to get to play and cuddle with you too!”