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Curious Crouton! 💖

“Tied for most affectionate of the litter, and perhaps the most curious.
Often, she goes on long explorations 🔎 through the apartment, climbing to the highest points and looking around as she internalizes her sense of direction ⬅ ➡ in the world. Other times, you might open the door of your bedroom, only to find Crouton standing outside of it, missing you and wanting to give you a little nose bump. Sit down on the floor for
just a moment, and we guarantee she’ll leap onto your lap 💞 and nestle down, perhaps falling asleep for an hour. But don’t worry, Crouton also loves playtime 😸, and has endless amounts of energy ⚡ should you choose to play with some of her favorite toys with her. Crouton is an all around fuego 🔥 kitten.💕