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  • female

Bio data

This Precious little lady is decked out in her
Tabby Tan Coat!!!!

“She is ready to hit the road. Ellie loves to explore 🔎 and figure out the best way into those places mommy and litter mates have never been. The path Ellie takes may be ruff but it is worth it in the end. This is why Ellie will make your road of life the most fun.😻

 Ms. Ellie is: Athletic, Playful, Adventurous, Sweet, and Happy💝

Ellie never wants to be left out of the group. If she hears anything that sounds of fun in a different location🐾, she will make a fast dash🐾, from zero to sixty⏱, to see what she is missing out on.

Her favorite games and play time consist of: Playing with toy mice and feathers, and playing with litter mates and mom.

Ellie will greet you with the softest paw 🐾 pats in the morning. She will walk away and look back at you just to do it all over again. Her other litter mates follow her lead. If any of them get stuck in one of those high places Ellie will find them and show them ️🎯 the way down. She will love to be in a family where she could show others the way into their hearts.” 💕