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  • male

Bio data

This handsome man is dressed and looking fine in all GRAY!!!!

“He is ready for his forever family to come and take him on a joyride of love and remain with them forever.💘
He loves to run FAST⚡. Having a mother named Engine, fast is in his blood.
Mr. Erie is very: Playful, Mischievous, Adventurous, Kind, Heart-warming, Loving, and Happy💝
Erie’s purr  is long-lasting 🎶 🎶 🎶 and loud. The same a well-tuned car. He is always one of the first ones to say good morning with that tickling, loud purr. With him there is no such thing as personal space, the closer the better💞.  He plays well with his litter mates, mom and humans. His favorite games and play time consist of:
Chasing litter mates, any toy that makes noise 📣, climbing to the highest ⬆ heights, laying on the edge of the couch 🛋 and television 📺 , watching water 💦 while sitting on the side of the sink.

Erie would love to be an addition to any family that will return to him all the love, snuggles, licks and whisker tickles on the same level as he gives out.”💓