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This man is dressed in his best
Tan & Black Coat!!!!

“He is ready at the drive thru window for his forever family to order him up and take him into a loving home forever.💘  When he is ready to run he shakes his cute tail and bum then ZOOM⚡ ZOOM⚡. That is his mother’s side of the family coming out (Engine).

Mr. Erie is very:  Curious, happy, Silly, Friendly, adventurous, and loving 💝

Having three other litter mates someone has to be last in line to say good morning and it is usually him. When it is his turn he knows how to lay on the love in the biggest way 💖. He makes sure he gets his rubs and scratches before play time. Erin is normally found playing on the floor with whatever he can find. Most of the time it is not a cat toy 😹. If you take it away you will get the sad kitty face 😿 that will melt your heart.

His favorite games and play time consist of: Chasing litter mates, Playing with toys or anything that can be seen as a toy, Loves quite time, Climbing as high ⬆ as he can.

Playing with litter mate’s and mom’s tail, Playing with the fish 🐠🐟 moving game app on a telephone.

Do not ZOOM past this handsome man. He may be last at good mornings but he is the last one to give good-nights. He will love ❣️ to be added into a family that will love him all the days of his life.” 💓