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Gary 🖤

“Gary is a loving, sensory-seeking little cutie with a dusting of white hairs across his black coat, especially around his ears. He likes to play chase but actually craves a good heavy pet or back scratch or to have his fur ruffled, and will grab your hand with his little paws to tell you to keep rubbing his tummy! He loves💓 to play, and wants nothing more than a best bud to play with (and if you’re lucky, 💤 nap with). Gary’s favorite thing is to shoot the gap😼, whether that’s between furniture, under your arm, or through a door, so that requires some extra care when leaving the house. Gary is adventurous and loves people, and while he likes to bob and weave and pretend otherwise, he loves being scooped up and held and is generous with his award-winning 🎶 purr.”