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Purrecious Pepper! 🖤 No, not salt 🧂… Pepper!

3 month old Pepper is so way C😎😎L.  He has those little wisps of white fur thru out his coat of soft fur.  Not sure they will stay, but they are sure sweet now! His brilliant eyes seem to say “teach me… erryfing!!”  You will have great fun doing so!  This will be a tight bond in the making.💞

“Pepper has some white in his mostly-black fur (just like many of us this year!). He is sweet, curious, and playful. Pepper loves to play chase with Bees and Spicy. He is recovering from an eye infection so one eyelid looks a little swollen, but we think he’s still 100% handsome. Pepper is a great kitten and lots of fun. (I’m looking to see if I have a clear photo from before his eye was swollen, but he seemed to always be looking away from me or moving!)”😹