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  • female

Bio data

Jubilant Juniper! 3-4 month old! aDORable Dahhhhling!! 🖤 💖

Her foster mom tells us:
“Lady Juniper is a gorgeous, sleek black kitten with eyes that look into your soul. She’s the adventurer and is happy to show Mr. Oak the way. While she loves her favorite toy and won’t stop playing until it’s hidden from her view, she’s more calm, cool, and collected than your typical kitten. This sweet & affectionate girl is happy playing, getting pets while she lounges on her back, and observing the goings-on around her. As a reserved, gentle little lady, her favorite day includes finding a soft spot for a midday nap and ends with a snuggle before bed.”💞”
“These two, Lady Juniper & Mr. Oak are a match made in heaven. Ice cream on a hot day. A warm fire during a snowstorm. Lady Juniper brings the chill, and her brother Mr. Oak brings the wild. They complement one another so well that I’m hoping they can be adopted together to continue their antics! Post on each of these ADOPTABLE cuties coming soon!”