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Bio data

Magellan 🤎

“Magellan is a very well-behaved boy. He likes to ask for cuddles💞 in the mornings and the evenings, and is active and enjoys at least 1-2 play sessions a day. He will even play with himself if toys are around and can be independent. He does fine when left at home alone. He has a soft, polite meow, and will meow to get your attention, but will respect you if you don’t respond at times. Although he isn’t a huge fan of baths and getting his nails cut like most cats, he is very sweet about it when it’s time for some hygiene and will not hiss or claw, only ask “why?” with a meow. Overall, Magellan is a great kitty for a first-time forever home or anyone looking for a sweetheart 💘of a cat.”