Theo + Fredo

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Theo & ‘Fredo – Bonded Pair, Males, Manx, Orange Tabbies 🧡🤍🧡

“These Manx brothers are a high-energy duo who need each other to stay occupied and entertained. They love to wrestle, steal each other toys, and chase each other up and down the stairs. When they finally wear themselves out, they can usually be found snuggling in their favorite fleece blanket together. When it’s bedtime for the people, they will snuggle up in bed and lull you to sleep with their gentle purrs.

‘Fredo has a dark orange fur with white beautiful swirl patterns. His eyes are sparkly gray. He’s going to be tall and handsome cat one day. Theo has a “grumpy cat” face, but he’s one happy kid! He’s got the most amount of tail among his Manx siblings. It kind of looks like bunny tail floof, and he has more of a hop than a stride. So, when he’s zooming around, it’s a pretty adorable spectacle.”