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Zoey 💜

“Zoey is a very active kitty who needs a lot of safe space to play and someone who will play with her throughout the day. She will jump as high as 5 feet❣️ to catch her favorite feather toy from Chewy- the “Pet Fit For Life 2 Guinea Feather Wand Cat Toy.” No other toys impress her but she will fly across the room to play with this one and brings it to me continually. She’d probably jump right off a cliff to catch the feather so she needs to be in a safe place where she can be active.😺

She is definitely an independent girl and prefers to just do her own thing! She politely approaches for pets and cheek rubs and likes to sit near you when you are in the same room. She will let me pick her up and give her hugs and kisses briefly (she prefers not to be smothered). She’s very quiet and hardly ever meows.

Zoey also enjoys bird watching from the windows and she is trained to use a Breeze cat box.”