DITZY (formerly Aurora, adopted September 2014)

My husband and I picked up Aurora yesterday(September 18, 2014). She is settling in nicely and I wanted to send you a couple of pictures to show how she’s doing.
We have changed her name to Ditzy — Aurora is kind of hard to say with the 2 r’s so close together — so she’s still getting used to that, but she is doing well with our puppy Badger (well, as well as can be expected considering he’s very annoying and always under her feet). It’s obvious to us that she was somebody’s pet before she came to APS. First, the fact that she was already spayed means somebody cared enough about her to do that and secondly, she is very comfortable in the house and on the furniture, as you can see in the picture!
Thanks so much taking such good care of her while she was between homes!