Personality Color: pink

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Meet Alan, an adorable 11-12 week old Chihuahua/Carolina Dog mix (DNA test pending) with a heart as sweet as can be. This charming pup recently underwent neutering on February 23 and is now eagerly seeking a forever home filled with love and affection. Alan has been making remarkable progress in his crate and potty training, showcasing his intelligence and quick learning abilities. He gets along famously with other dogs and adores the company of children, though he hasn’t had the chance to meet any feline friends just yet. Alan loves being carried and snuggled. He’s a true smarty-pants who catches on to new concepts in the blink of an eye, making him an ideal companion for someone looking for a trainable pup. But wait, there’s more! Alan has a deep-seated love for stuffed toys and is a total foodie, motivated by tasty treats and positive reinforcement. His generous nature extends to sharing his toys with others, showcasing his friendly and sociable demeanor. If you’re ready to welcome a bundle of joy into your life, Alan is eagerly waiting to steal your heart with his unwavering affection and irresistible charm. Adopt Alan today and embark on a journey filled with endless love, laughter, and cuddles!