Personality Color: blue

Blue dogs are easy going and easily adapt to new situations. They are generally calm, may be playful but not overly exuberant, and will likely be happy doing just about anything with you. These dogs will be a good fit for just about any home, and would be great for first-time dog owners.
  • senior
  • male

Bio data

Hello, I’m an affectionate, sweet, and curious, senior looking for a calm home and someone to share snacks with. If you enjoy short walks, cuddles, and being unconditionally loved, ask about setting up a meeting with me!

Kids: Any age kids

Dogs: Friendly, slow intros

Baron has been spending some time in foster care, here’s what the humans have to say about you:

Baron is thriving in foster care, a true family man. He brings with him all the benefits of a senior dog – he’s house-trained, sleeps through the night, is crate trained, and he’s unfazed by household noises. But he also is a true puppy at heart! He wags his tail, and his floppy ears perk up when he’s excited. He has the sweetest big brown puppy eyes that make everyone fall in love with him.

Even though Baron is a senior, he gets fun bursts of energy, too! He loves short walks, chasing tennis balls, and following his people around the house. He would also love to gently play with dog siblings who are not too pushy since he can get tired quickly. Although can be energetic, he’s happy to spend most of his day napping and never says no to a cuddle or a chest rub.

While in foster care, he’s been learning basic training, and he is now a pro at sit and touch and is working on down. He’s food motivated, eager to please and loves positive reinforcement training.

Baron is also a great communicator. After a few days of getting used to the routine at his foster home, Baron now uses very quiet and cute noises to tell us if he’s hungry or needs to go potty. He’ll sit in front of us and make small sounds to get our attention. We’ve learned that he is most content when he gets a midday snack and potty break. Overall we’re very impressed with how polite, easy, and calm he is!

He has been great at sharing with his two foster siblings and hasn’t had any issues with resource guarding. He loves to be part of a pack and would do well in a home with other calmer dogs but could also be a solo dog because he loves one-on-one attention. While he does have two foster sibling cats, he’s a little overly curious about them still. If you have cats, we’d recommend very slow intros!

His previous foster family has said he’d be great in a home with kids, too! If you’re looking for an easy-going, sweet, well-mannered dog, Baron is the dog for you!

Nicknames: Bear, Big Guy, Big Bear, Baby Bear (responds to Baron and all nicknames!)