Personality Color: pink

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Bruno is a sweet 7-month old boy who is looking for a forever home, and to share his big heart with his new family. He LOVES all sorts of toys, but stuffed animals are his favorite and he will show them off to everyone and bring them into his crate at night to snuggle with. Bruno has learned to really enjoy cuddling and getting pets, and will happily come over and sit in your lap for belly rubs. He is potty trained and has been doing very well with 2 foster siblings in the house – including one dog who is much smaller than him. He also loves to play with other dogs at the park and chase tennis balls whenever he gets the chance! Bruno has been to the dog park several times and always plays well with others. He has not yet been cat or kid tested. He is crate trained and in terms of commands he knows “sit” very well and is learning “down” and “paw”. He has bursts of puppy energy at times, but also knows how to calm himself down and takes several naps throughout the day. A few walks and 15-minute sessions of exercise throughout the day are perfect for his energy level, but he would always be happy for more as well!