Personality Color: orange

Orange dogs are likely young, energetic, and enthusiastic with lots of love to give! They will thrive with regular exercise, and some training classes would be a good idea. These dogs would be a great companion for an active person who enjoys running or hiking in the park. Fenced-in yard a plus!
  • adult
  • female

Bio data

Do you want Cheese with your wine? Take me HOME! I’m a friendly, affectionate, and energetic girl ready for her forever hooman! I like gentle affection, playtime, and learning new things. I’ll benefit from lots of affection, gentle people, basic training, and some calming exercises. Let’s see how we pair together!

Kids: 8+, worried by novel objects

Dogs: Stiff, vocal, forward, slow intros or single dog

Heartworm positive – APS is currently offering no cost heartworm treatment through a foster to adopt period. Have questions? Email or call 919-560-0640.

Cheese recently spent some time in foster, here’s what the humans had to say about her:

Cheese is a sweet and loving pup with a lot of fun spunky energy. She loves giving and receiving affection and just wants to be your shadow. She is a big fan of soft toys and wants to play tug with them if you let her. She loves soft objects so much that she thought that pillows and blankets were her toys!  Some basic training on this will be helpful (and easy!) She also enjoyed chasing a ball. She doesn’t jump much but loves leaning and doing tippy tappy’s all around you when she gets excited. Cheese is very polite when it comes to food. She sat near us while we were eating meals and never begged for food. She ate her food (and her medicine) easily. She is also house trained and is able to hold it all night and throughout the day. She easily relieved herself outside with no problem. Cheese was great with kids and didn’t seem too interested in our cat.

She just wants to be next to you and be loved, so she struggled a bit with not being allowed in the bed at night, but eventually (with enough reminders) she slept on the floor next to the bed all night. We did not have a crate, but she may do best with that at the beginning. She is a little timid in the car but had no problems with other cars or dogs while on walks. Overall, Cheese is an adorable loving dog who would make a wonderful addition to a home.