Personality Color: pink

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Hi! My name is Chewy. I’m a puppy and my foster brother (7 years old) and foster sister (4.5 years old) quickly named me while I was having a wrestling match with my bed. I’m a little angel in my crate if I’m out of sight of people, I whine a bit when I see my people. I consider the crate door a starting gate; when it comes open, I’m off! I love zooming in my yard, chewing on sticks and acorns. I’m losing my puppy teeth, so I chew on absolutely everything. When we’re exploring outside, I can sometimes knock over my foster brother and sister, but they are sturdy and forgive me. Inside, I sometimes get mouthy but playing tug or going back outside helps me be good. I walk well on a leash but do want to stop and sniff everything we pass. I haven’t been able to play with my foster canine sister yet but I’m just dying to wrestle with her! I’d love to have a fur brother or sister to play with. I’m very food motivated so my foster mom and kids have taught me to sit and lie down. I’m also learning impulse control so I can be a good, good boy for you. I’m full of energy and will help you get lots of exercise in the fresh air. When you get tired, we can come inside and I’ll sit on your lap while we play tug of war- if you have long arms, that’s a plus! I greatly prefer to potty outside but have a little puppy bladder and don’t always make it through the night, so I would need someone who is patient and willing to work with me on this.

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