Personality Color: orange

Orange dogs are likely young, energetic, and enthusiastic with lots of love to give! They will thrive with regular exercise, and some training classes would be a good idea. These dogs would be a great companion for an active person who enjoys running or hiking in the park. Fenced-in yard a plus!
  • adult
  • female

Bio data

I LOVE TREATS! I’m a curious, anxious, sweet, and friendly girl who’d love to find her forever home! I love to eat treats, and will be very happy to learn new things. I’ll need some basic training, calming exercises, brain games, and a home where I feel safe. I have some worries here at the shelter, but I’m sure to settle in my new home!

Kids 8+, very grabby with treats

Dogs: Unknown, barrier reactive

Daisy has just entered foster, here’s what the humans have to say about her:

“Daisy had a very quiet first day/night. I think she’s decompressing from shelter life well. I’ve noticed when she exists her crate she likes doing yoga…specifically downward dog. I hope I can get a good picture of her doing morning yoga.🙂 She has been a wonderful houseguest. She has met a few of my cats. My small tripod cat (the ambassador) welcomed her yesterday and was brave enough to come out in the yard with Daisy. I had Daisy’s leash tight and she was quite curious about the small creature. But did become excited and bouncing as if she would like to play with the little three legged cat. I gently pulled her back and she quickly responded.

She’s been outside a few times already this morning and has been enjoying the sun.”