David – Pet of the Week!

Personality Color: green

Green dogs are a bit more shy and sensitive, maybe a little anxious, but are sweet and they try hard. These dogs will flourish with patient adopters providing gentle guidance and confidence building. They are likely too timid for active homes with children, and would do best in a calm, quiet home getting the TLC they deserve.
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

Hi I’m David! I’m a sweet, long-legged, handsome pup looking for his BHF (Best Human Forever).

Here is a note from my foster mom! :

David is a sweet, sensitive, smart, affectionate pup who is true to his breed. He’s good with kids, seems to really enjoy kids in fact, and loves other dogs, particularly young dogs he can play with. It is simply hilarious when he gets the zoomies!! He’s pretty much all legs.
David loves being part of a pack and keeps a close eye on his pack members. When people leave, he notices and will look for them. He’s super happy when they return. Due to his sensitive nature, he needs a “pack” he can trust. He needs confident leadership and calm correction. He is SO willing to please his people and he learns very quickly. There’s no doubt that he’s been mistreated in the past. He has a strong fear of men which we have been working on. He’s been able to learn to trust my adult sons, but it takes a lot of patience and time. A man can earn his trust, but it’s on his terms.
As for his breed, he is TRUE to it!!! With the fall hunting weather, he is up early and ready to go. He needs plenty of exercise and particularly needs a long walk in the morning. He may be a good running partner. Running is said to be one of the best activities for a coonhound to burn off energy. He needs to stretch his beautiful long legs, so a large yard with a high fence (8-10 feet) would be great. He can clear a 5 foot fence with very little effort, much like a deer. He also needs opportunities to use his nose, sniffing on a walk, etc.
Coonhounds were originally bred to track raccoons and chase them up into trees. I have seen David tree a cat, so small furry pets (cat, hamster, rabbit) are almost certainly not a good fit, as he may view them as prey.
David also loves to snuggle up with his human. He thrives on affection!!!!
David is a keeper!!!! His sweet, goofy personality and long ears make me think of Disney’s Goofy. He makes me smile all the time.