Personality Color: green

Green dogs are a bit more shy and sensitive, maybe a little anxious, but are sweet and they try hard. These dogs will flourish with patient adopters providing gentle guidance and confidence building. They are likely too timid for active homes with children, and would do best in a calm, quiet home getting the TLC they deserve.
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

Meet David! He’s a four-year-old eccentric pup who thrives when he’s tracking smells and getting the sweetest cuddles.

This happy hound plays well with other dogs and tries his best to match their energy. He enjoys zoomies up the stairs and his one-track mind ultimately leads him towards love, so be sure to give him a little extra patience.

It’s natural to be scared of strangers, and Davidtotally agrees. So please introduce him to new people slowly. Once he’s warmed up to a new person, they’ll be besties for life. He’s as loyal as a Hufflepuff and as sweet as a butterbeer. David prefers women or genteel men and generally feels most comfortable around his gal pals than he does around others – so it’s not you, it’s him. Beneath his shy exterior he really just wants you by his side. Although he’s perhaps a little too eager for small children, David makes the best companion for any adult human. He still needs to work on a few things, like knowing when to use his outdoor voice, learning that counters are off limits, how to poop on the ground and not ON a bush, how to be more aware of his surroundings, and not to pee on his other dog friends. This sweet boy can get sit, stay, wait, and other commands down – he just needs the practice.

So, if you have a kind heart, a tall-fenced yard, and the patience to work with this gentle giant, then David is the perfect fit for you.