Personality Color: green

Green dogs are a bit more shy and sensitive, maybe a little anxious, but are sweet and they try hard. These dogs will flourish with patient adopters providing gentle guidance and confidence building. They are likely too timid for active homes with children, and would do best in a calm, quiet home getting the TLC they deserve.
  • adult
  • female

Bio data

Hello! I’m a sweet, affectionate girl who likes to be cautious with new people. Please give me some time to feel comfortable. I LOVE soft toys, and I really like crunchy treats like Milkbones. Gentle affection from gentle people also makes me happy. With some confidence building and time to adjust, I’m really going to shine bright. Will you come visit me?

Kids 8+, stoic and cautious

Dogs: Some sniffing, then avoids, prefers gentle dogs, may like a sniffing partner. Slow intros.