• young
  • female

Bio data

Jojo is a sweet and smart dog that enjoys getting pets and having her stomach rubbed. She is able to entertain herself by playing with toys or watching the outside world, but does need supervision or will get into mischief like any puppy. She is super good in her crate and goes in easily with a treat or two and can be left there when supervision isn’t possible. She moves quietly on her large padded paws and is often still and rare to bark. She does have a hyper mode sometimes where she is jumpy, grabby, and zoomie. She has been living with an older dog and is learning to respect the other dog who is not interested in playing with her.

Jojo is smart and curious, which means she is quick to learn, but as a young dog has a short attention span so she gets distracted easily and sometimes decides she doesn’t want to listen. She likes other dogs and especially people. She enjoys the dog park and will often chase the dog chasing the Frisbee or ball. She is independent and happy to go sniffing and exploring on her own. Jojo would do best with someone willing to keep up her training and keep her socialized especially given her size and breed. Jojo is curious about children, but a little unsure of them for now and would need supervision. With time, training and boundaries, she will excel. She’s learning sit, stay, lay down, leave it, crate, and learning how to walk on lead.