Personality Color: pink

  • young
  • female

Bio data

Luciana ( we are calling her Luci pronounced like Luchi), is the sweetest, most affectionate puppy. She loves people, and gets very attached very quickly. Wherever you walk she will follow you and you have to be careful not to trip over her while you are walking! While I am brushing my teeth, she will fall asleep right on my feet, out cold. She  loves chasing slippery ice cubes around the floor, and chewing on her squeaky toy. She has a play hard sleep hard attitude, and loves to nap underneath your legs or on your feet. She loves belly rubs and will flop over without hesitation. If she is outside with you even off leash, she will stay by your side but she is gaining some confidence to explore on her own. She will make the most loving best friend for someone.