Personality Color: blue

Blue dogs are easy going and easily adapt to new situations. They are generally calm, may be playful but not overly exuberant, and will likely be happy doing just about anything with you. These dogs will be a good fit for just about any home, and would be great for first-time dog owners.
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

Merlin is a medium-energy dog who loves his walks and to play with his foster brother, but spends most of his time cuddled up – preferably next to his human(s). He is very sensitive to his humans’ emotions, you could even call him a bit of an empath. He reacted well to being with an alpha dog in his foster home. In fact, they spend a lot of their time snuggled up next to each other on the couch; he’s definitely a bit of a “dog’s dog”, as well. No cats, please!
Merlin is incredibly sweet, loving, and patient and would do well in a house with children. Merlin is looking for his forever family, who he can snuggle up to every night and comfort when they’re sad. He may look a little rough around the edges, but he’s a big softie underneath.  Adopt Merlin and you can take lots of pictures of his silly derp face!
We are no longer accepting applications on Merlin. Please, no more calls or emails for him. If this dog becomes available again, this statement will be replaced. Please return to the available animal pages to see other animals currently available in our adoption program. Thank you!