Personality Color: blue

Blue dogs are easy going and easily adapt to new situations. They are generally calm, may be playful but not overly exuberant, and will likely be happy doing just about anything with you. These dogs will be a good fit for just about any home, and would be great for first-time dog owners.
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

Brace yourself for all the husky energy and enthusiasm!!! I’m a sweet, busy, affectionate, and amiable guy waiting on his forever home! I’d love to find a family where I can play with a ball or toy, have lots of tasty treats, and of course get exercise. I’ll need plenty of time to get my energy out! Can you help me with that?! Let’s go!

Kids: 10+ sensitive to handling, jumpy/mouthy when excited

Dogs: avoids other dogs, gentle sniffing partner OR single dog

Mishie has been spending some time in foster. Here’s what the humans have to say about him:

“We have had Mishie in our home for almost 2 weeks now and he has been such a pleasure! He is so sweet, affectionate, well-behaved and calm. He is patient with his feeding times, loves to play with his stuffed squirrels and absolutely loved affection. He is perfectly content curling up on the floor while we cook or watch TV. He is a good boy on his daily walks but gets vocal and excited when he sees other dogs so we try to keep him away from other animals. Other than that, he rarely barks and is very well behaved when we leave him at home. He seems to be potty trained and is overall such a great pup! He is low maintenance, so loving and just a sweet sweet boy who deserves a great home. He loves meeting our friends and is good in the car.”