Personality Color: green

Green dogs are a bit more shy and sensitive, maybe a little anxious, but are sweet and they try hard. These dogs will flourish with patient adopters providing gentle guidance and confidence building. They are likely too timid for active homes with children, and would do best in a calm, quiet home getting the TLC they deserve.
  • young
  • female

Bio data

Petal got he name because she was just a shy girl waiting to blossom, and indeed she has! She loves her walks and has a great “hound” nose.  She is still a bit timid with loud sounds and needs someone to reassure her about big, noisy trucks.

Petal is a very bright girl who quickly learned sit– now she sits whenever she sees something you’re having that she might like!  She loves puzzle toys and hard chews like bully sticks, whimzees and Himalayan Yak Cheese.  She also loves other dogs and would make a great sibling.

She is an energetic and happy dog. She loves to cuddle and lay her head on your knee. She is definitely a snuggler and would love to sleep in your bed! When she wants attention, or just to say hello, she gently touches your leg with her nose! Her eyebrows are so expressive and she is very responsive to communication. She is all legs and still smaller than your average beagle; she’s a perfect pint-sized wonder and will melt your heart!