Personality Color: orange

Orange dogs are likely young, energetic, and enthusiastic with lots of love to give! They will thrive with regular exercise, and some training classes would be a good idea. These dogs would be a great companion for an active person who enjoys running or hiking in the park. Fenced-in yard a plus!
  • young
  • male

Bio data

Are you a hugger? I am! I’m a sweet, affectionate, goofy boy. I like being playful with people. I can be a little timid, but I’ll jump up to give hugs and check out what’s on the dinner table (shhh). I’m into exploring, sniffing, affection on my terms, and yummy stuff like peanut butter. I’ll need basic training, four-on-the-floor, calming exercises, and brain games to keep me occupied. Visit me today!

Kids: 10+, big and strong, doesn’t know own size, anxious

Dogs: Staring, piloerection, mainly avoids. Slow and careful intros with savvy dogs