Personality Color: orange

Orange dogs are likely young, energetic, and enthusiastic with lots of love to give! They will thrive with regular exercise, and some training classes would be a good idea. These dogs would be a great companion for an active person who enjoys running or hiking in the park. Fenced-in yard a plus!
  • male

Bio data

I’m SO happy to meet you! I’m Rusty, a friendly, enthusiastic, endearing, and affectionate guy! I really like treats, getting pets, and being with my favorite people. I need plenty of playtime, walks, brain games, and basic training. I’m just a lovely guy who enjoys life! Let’s go experience it together!
Kids any age
Dogs: friendly sniffing, some play, then does his own thing

See some notes from when I was in foster care!

  • Follows his humans around, very respectful and appeasing
  • Likes to play and can tolerate playing rough, likes to chase and then switch roles and be chased, prefers his humans though for sure. Incredibly tolerant, but brave enough to correct if he’s overstimulated. Gives ample warning if he’s over it. Needs a dog that knows when to take a break.
  • Sleeps all night in his crate, initially gives the most polite/subdued whine on the off chance he can come out but settles and is asleep within 10 min
  • Not food aggressive, okay when our dog came in his space while eating. Okay with me being near him while he eats and can put hand in bowl and he’s very gentle. certainly not possessive at all.
  • Needs more work on leash manners, has the pitty pull when he wants something (usually just a bush to pee on). When not focused on a specific target he is very pleasant on leash.
  • Excitable by other dogs passing, not aggressive by any means, just wants to play and go greet them and can get whiney/barky when he doesn’t get his way but once we pass he is fine
  • Seriously, all he wants to do is snuggle with his people. Rolls over on his back, very trusting and submissive always ready for the belly rubs. Loves to give licks. Always looking for approval and respectful.
  • Tolerated bath really well once in, definitely a bit nervous about the bathroom tub and won’t voluntarily get in but allows you to pick him up. Once in the tub he sat very still and was easy to bathe. NOT a fan of the hair dryer, towel dry only for this one.
  • Favorite things: “staring out windows (love me some short windows so I can see out), snuggling with my humans, going on walks so I can smell everything and experience the world, and did I mention I love my humans and just wanna snuggle?”
  • Car rides are fun, loves to have head out window so doggie seatbelt is preferred over a crate. Likes to go back and forth between windows (may be an anxious tendency, paces between windows but overall seems happy)
  • Not super interested in toys/balls, likes treats though
  • Loud noises can give him a scare but general noise doesn’t even phase him he can sleep through a lot
  • Not vocal really at all (except if passing by dog, then only briefly). Quietly watches foot traffic out of the window, no barking.