Personality Color: green

Green dogs are a bit more shy and sensitive, maybe a little anxious, but are sweet and they try hard. These dogs will flourish with patient adopters providing gentle guidance and confidence building. They are likely too timid for active homes with children, and would do best in a calm, quiet home getting the TLC they deserve.
  • young
  • female

Bio data

Well hello there! I’m a sweet and affectionate girl with a tender sensitive side. It may take me a minute to warm up to you, but once I do I love gentle affection, cuddling, exploring and being with people. I need gentle people, and for people to take their time with me. I’d love lots of chew toys, brain games, and opportunities to play!

Kids 8+, insecure and fearful at times

Dogs: worried at first, friendly sniffing with gentle dogs, slow intro

Hi, Friends, my name is Sequin! I’m a young, happy-go-lucky girl, who lives life with gusto! Do you like to play? So do I! What about taking walks? I like those, too! In fact, I like pretty much anything that you do: naps, snuggles(lots and lots of snuggles), eating, making doggy friends, making people friends….the list goes on and on! There are still so many things I would like to try, though. I think I’d be a really good running buddy, or maybe a hiking pal. Also, I would like to meet a cat; my foster home doesn’t have any of those, and I’m very curious about what they are like. I’m very good at sleeping through the night in my crate and at going outside whenever nature calls. I know how to sit when asked, but I think I can learn a lot more because I’m always keeping an eye on my people to learn what they want. I’m a little nervous around small kids, though, so it’s best if I don’t live with anyone under about 10 years old. I can’t wait to meet you and become your new best friend!