Personality Color: orange

Orange dogs are likely young, energetic, and enthusiastic with lots of love to give! They will thrive with regular exercise, and some training classes would be a good idea. These dogs would be a great companion for an active person who enjoys running or hiking in the park. Fenced-in yard a plus!
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

I’m a sweet, friendly, smart and affectionate guy with lots of love to give! They call me Slim, but you can call me friend! I can be a little anxious and worried here at the shelter. I’d like a home where I can have affection, be active, learn, and get lots of exercise. I’ll need basic training, and opportunities to learn and play!

Kids: 6+, very grabby with treats

Dogs: Unknown, recommend dog-dog

Slim has been spending some time in foster, here’s what the humans have to say about him: 

“Slim is a treasure! He is a giant lovebug who wants all the cuddles and affection and will happily be by your side no matter what. We’re working on boundaries, and he’s been doing amazing and learning to settle while we’re working from home. He’s still learning how to not beg when you’re eating, but is learning quickly!

He’s an incredibly quick learner. In less than a week he learned “sit”, “down”, “gentle” (with treat snatching), “wait”, “leave it”, and “paw”. We’re working on impulse control and perfecting his response while distracted, but he’s really easy to recall because he’s obsessed with treats and love. How obsessed you might ask? Well, he’ll melt into the floor as you give him a butt scratch, he drops food wrappers and cupcakes that he finds on the walk to get some kibble, and he wiggles all the wiggles when he you tell him he’s a good boy.

He’s the perfect combination of mellow and energetic for those of you who like walks, runs, or hikes. He will chill while you’re working and then go for miles when you’re done. He’s a great hiking buddy, will help you find the trails, and knows “this way” or “come” when he chooses the wrong one. He loves car rides and sticking his head out the window to sniff all the sniffs. While hiking he sniff-walks, which is great because it keeps the hike going and he still gets all the smells.

He’s super easygoing and is fine with you doing anything to him. When we first picked him up, he needed ointment in his ears. He didn’t like it but sat patiently as you put it in. He lets you touch his paws and tail and is just happy to have all the pets

Some things strangers have recently said to him:

  • “He has the softest ears! Aren’t you sweet?”
  • “Oh my god, he’s such a ham.”
  • “That is one good-looking dog, and he’s just sitting there waiting on your next command.”
  • “Look at that dog, Dad! He’s so cute”
  • “You are the sweetest dog! I wish I could adopt you”
  • “Is always this mellow?”