Smokey – Pet of the Week!

Personality Color: pink

  • young
  • male

Bio data

Smokey is a silly and adventurous pup who can go on a hike around the Eno and still have energy to swim in the kiddie pool. Smokey is around 10 months old and has grown up here at APS. Since August, Smokey has shown us that he is an A+ student, working hand in hand with volunteers and staff to learn new tricks, he plays well with other dogs and has great social skills, and that he would love nothing more than a forever home. While he is just as much energetic, he loves quality time with people just as much as the next. We can’t wait to see Smokey find a home for the holidays! I mean who can say no to those ears?

Kids: 13+, nippy and jumpy

Dogs: tolerant, can come on pretty strong, rough