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You can connect it to Facebook to make it even easier – full instructions in the link.

How do you “paw”ty and celebrate birthdays with your shelter pup? We have a few suggestions of how you can show your love on this special day for your shelter dog and all the dogs (cats, rats, guinea pigs, …) at APS of Durham.


1. Host an ONLINE FUNDRAISING PARTY from your pooch to ours:

Providing care for the animals in our shelter takes a LOT of resources – people, veterinary care, food, supplies and so much more. We count on donations to make it all possible.  We got to thinking that maybe your dog would like to host a party to benefit the pack that comes after him or her in the shelter, awaiting a home of their own. Here are two ways to contribute financially on this fun ‘paw’liday:

Click on the links (in blue) above to start your donation or to host your birthday fundraiser in honor of your dogs birthday and for all the animals we care for.

This is a fun, simple and impactful way of celebrating with your friends and family easily using our platform link above or on your own on Facebook – instructions here. 


2. Donate supplies for the shelter animals:

We are always in need of many supplies at the shelter, from food to harnesses to toys and towels. Click here for a link to our Amazon wish list or download the pdf below. We’re always excited to receive a gift from you such as:

  • Canned dog food
  • Small bites dry dog food (adult or puppy)
  • Large/X-Large Kongs
  • Rope (tug) toys for dogs
  • Nylabones
  • Zuke’s soft dog treats
  • Easy Walk Harnesses


3. Share your time and talent:

One way to help dogs at this time or any time of year is to become a volunteer or foster family. There are many ways to volunteer – simply click here to find out how.

Additionally, we are often in need of foster families to care for the animals that may not be ready for adoption just yet or need a little extra attention outside of the shelter to prepare for adoption. This helps the animals become acclimated to a home, learn and practice new, good habits and in some cases heal from a medical procedure or trauma as the foster family assists in preparing them for adoption. It also frees up space in the shelter for more animals in need of our care and attention.

If you are interested in fostering click here to fill out the application and our program coordinator will be in touch.


4. Lend your voice:

Spread the word about DOGust 1st among your friends, sharing the importance of supporting their local shelter as a way of celebrating this special day for millions of animals across the US.

Be sure to use #DOGust and #APSofDurham when you post on social media. Share our posts on Facebook, Like our posts on Instagram, and retweet our posts on Twitter about DOGust 1st and help make life a bit more enjoyable and hopeful for shelter animals everywhere, especially your local shelter or where you’ve adopted your best furry friend.