DOUGAL – formerly Bruce, adopted early 2009

dougal3Hi, Dougal here!
When I first arrived at the shelter in January 2009, I was just a little guy, very cute, about 3 months old. After I’d been at the shelter for a few weeks without being adopted (can you believe it when you see my shelter picture?!), I agreed to let an APS volunteer and her family foster me. 
I liked it there right away and let everyone know I planned to stay. My canine foster siblings, Jethro and Hazel (both APS alumni) were pretty excited about having a puppy come and live with them, though sometimes they pretended they thought I was a real pest.
I’m having a great life now! Jethro and Hazel love it when I make them play with me, and my human brother, Chris, and I have lots of fun. Mindi, our family cat who was also adopted from the shelter, likes to chase me if I run off with her toys.
My best doggy friend is Cherie, a Pit Bull who also came from the shelter. I really like her – we get together for playdates, and sometimes even go to the dog park together which is oodles of fun.
I can’t believe how much my life has changed from just a year ago. If you would like to make a difference, please think about adopting your next pet from the shelter  🙂