FILBERT (formerly ZIGGY)

filbieDear APS,
We adopted Filbert (formerly “Ziggy”) in July of this year.  He has been an absolute joy from day one!
Filbert is full of personality and spunk,  but loves nothing more than to snuggle in your lap at the end of the day.  He loves a long walk especially if he spots a squirrel, but his favorite activity by far is playing with his many dog friends.
Filbert has become a star of the local dog park with his funny antics and “big-dog” persona. We are so grateful to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the APS who took the time to care for and train our little guy. Despite his willful nature, he has a few good tricks up his sleeve and is better behaved than any dog we have ever had (I still marvel at the fact that he sits still when we put on his collar and leash for a walk!).
We love our Filbert so much, and can’t imagine our lives without him.
Thank you APS!