Foster Takeovers: Jodie & Trevor

Welcome to Foster Takeovers! Foster takeovers are first hand stories from our APS volunteers introducing their foster pets and telling us their fostering journey. 

First up is our wonderful volunteer Jodie who tells us about her experience fostering Trevor from pickup to adoption!


“Hi everyone, my name is Jodie and I’m an APS foster volunteer. This is the story of my foster journey with Trevor from beginning to end! This was my first time fostering and it was so special to get to see Trevor meet his new family. I’m excited to share that magical moment with you all and give you a glimpse into the fostering process.”

“When he first arrived, Trevor was SO excited and did not stop panting the entire day. We were beginning to wonder whether his tongue ever stayed in his mouth! However, by the second day he had calmed down a lot and began getting used to his new surroundings.

At the beginning, Trevor would get a bit too excited on our morning walks and pull at the leash to try and go faster. However, he quickly figured out that I’m not the jogging type and has gotten a lot better at walking on his leash without pulling.”

“I did my best to convert Trevor into an Arsenal fan while he was with us, but I’m not sure I was very successful. He much prefers chasing the ball himself.”

“Adoption day!!! Trevor was so excited to meet his new dad. We are super happy for him and can’t wait for him to start his life with his new family.”

“The great thing about fostering is that you get to welcome many different animals into your home if you choose! After dropping off Trevor with his new family, we picked up Lilly, who is now available for adoption!”

Thanks so much to Jodie for sharing her foster story with us and opening her home to Durham animals in need!

Are you interested in becoming a foster volunteer for APS? Click here to learn more and fill out your application!